I love you. These words make you happy. When someone shows you through their actions it makes you even more happier ! Some people are very good communicators. They make you feel good by talking with you. They appreciate​ you. They bring out lots of positivity in you. They boost you. And then there are … Continue reading Love the SILENT GIVERS

Sorry… Bole tho

Most of the times we never own up our mistakes. Our errors. Our bad behaviour. It hurts our ego to see ourselves going down to someone. To say sorry.  Specially when you are young. Because being young means you're a little immature. It means sometimes you're stubborn to let go ! Usually we expect the … Continue reading Sorry… Bole tho

LIFE’s Hide & Seek

I remember in our childhood days, we use to play a game called hide and seek.  Out of all the participants, one would close his eyes & count up to 10 while all others had to hide. Then this kid used to set out on a quest to find all the members. Isn't our life … Continue reading LIFE’s Hide & Seek

Manik Nagar the origin place of Sakalamata, visited with my wife & kid

Manik Prabhu Temple Maniknagar, Bidar, Karnataka 585353 094481 28389

Be BeautiFull

Beautiful has its own unique perception for each & everyone of us!  For me, beauty is the sun, the way it emits light and energy. The moon, the way it shines to fight darkness of night. The flowers, for the various colours & fragrances. The nature for its scenic beauty. The rivers, for stupendously  flowing. … Continue reading Be BeautiFull

Click to SUCCESS

Whenever you take a photograph it captures whatever you have selected to click. It gives the exact mirror image of what you had focused on.  Yes! Sometimes we complain about the colour, the clarity, the angle. The cameraman could edit it to give you a better picture. If not, he could take a new picture. … Continue reading Click to SUCCESS

Know your Angels

Can I whisper something in your ears? Today I want to tell you a secret about you. Something even you may not be knowing about yourself! You are too important for someone. Someone who loves & trusts you. Someone who is very possessive about you. Someone who fears too much to lose you. Someone who … Continue reading Know your Angels

The World’s a Puzzle.

I am not like you. You are not like me. Each one is different from each other. Why do we try to change someone to our perception? Why do we try to push a person to change him according to what we think he should be ? God has created and granted each one a … Continue reading The World’s a Puzzle.

Aim for the moon

Always try to rise above what you expect from yourself. What others expect from you. Never ever feel satisfied. Don't set a limited target for achievements. The day you feel you are the best, that's when your downslide starts. There will always be someone who is better version than the best that you choose to … Continue reading Aim for the moon

The Evolutionary Myth

Characters of Vidyaan in another janma in another time.   "Guruji, Vidya wants to be a genetic scientist. She wants to work in US on the evolution of man. Theory of evolution. Charles Darwin. Have you heard of him?" Gyan asked. Guruji sat down next to him and smiled, "I know about Darwin, Gyan. But … Continue reading The Evolutionary Myth