Education is the most important & integral part of our Lives. It helps us become independent. It helps us earn a living. It gets us respect. It leads us towards success.

Education has become synonymous with a degree. The piece of paper which declares people eligible for suitable jobs.

Is education just that? Just a means to fulfil our desires? A quest for a well-paid job? Is it just about developing machine like abilities to complete certain work within deadlines? Is it just about becoming artificial & moving away from nature? Is it about moving away from friends & family?

True education is about developing a vision. About the implementation of one’s ideas. It’s about becoming a human being of value who serves the universe positively.

History is filled with great visionaries who didn’t receive any formal education. Many have actually achieved success far beyond their schooled counterparts. One doesn’t need a school to get educated.


True education starts at home. We learn first from our parents/guardians, those we grow up with. The initial lessons give us our core values. These grow on to shape our very attitude & ultimately our personality.

My grandma is the inspiration behind my drawing skills. She used to draw an elephant on the ground with spilt water. As a child, I felt awesome at the power to create the huge animal with our own fingers. Her stories further expanded my world of imagination.

The next lesson at home is about communicating in a civilised human language. It’s the first step from the natural animal instincts towards a broader human intelligence & wisdom. A language allows us to think & communicate in clear unambiguous way.

It’s better not to be burdened with the tension of failing in these initial baby steps. Concentrate must be on building core values. The higher the building to be built, the stronger is the base needed. Testing in the initial stages itself can leave deep cracks weakening the structure from within.


Knowledge is something we remember. Something we can recite as it is or at least without modifying its core meaning. Acquiring knowledge is the next step towards education.

A formal schooling generally helps in taking this step. It teaches us to communicate indirectly, even without being physically present – through reading & writing.

Reading & writing speeds up the process of gaining knowledge. Having someone talk to us personally is not always possible. Especially, when the teachers are less & the taught are more. So books fill in this gap.

They allow us to learn thoughts, ideas, facts, problems & solutions provided by others. We can use this knowledge as it is most of the times. It is well said by someone, that “We must learn from others’ mistakes, life is too short to do all the mistakes ourselves.” Books open the doors for us to learning from others’ experiences.


Being able to read & remember. Being able to write it down from memory. These abilities make a person literate. Education is about going a step ahead. It is about understanding what we have memorised. The best way to understand is to ask questions about it.

We must attack everything we remember with questions from different perspectives. However foolish or insignificant a question may seem. We must ask it. Loud & clear. Write it if needed. Let it come from the base of your heart. Let your curiosity guide you to the right question.

The right question is not the one about which you know nothing of. The right question is also not one you already know & understand the answer to. The right question is the one regarding something you remember but doesn’t completely understand.

If the question is simple the answer will automatically come from within you. Sometimes, you may have to ask a couple of questions more. If the answer still doesn’t come, find someone who can answer it for you.


Education is about using the knowledge in our day to day activities. To solve problems we face around us. Application is the last but necessary step that completes the loop of education.

Understood & yet not correcting a wrong is yet another symptom of failed education. However, if you are saving lives or helping mankind by remaining silent, you might be better educated. But struggle you must. To bring out the truth to those who deserve.

There are always humble & harmonious ways of reaching out & communicating one’s view. True education is about recognising the best of these ways & continuing to use them in the day to day activities.

A truly educated person leaves the world a better place. By leaving behind his mark. In the monuments, philosophy, wisdom, art, technology, society.


Education is how you can deal with your day to day issues. Even the most educated people losing their cool & act against wisdom. Many are unable to solve the crisis in their own practical lives. These are symptoms of a failed education.

Education is about becoming a good human. It is about respecting people of every status. It is not just about respecting the big, famous & rich ones. Education is about being humble, not arrogant.

Education is about discovering one’s hidden talents & polishing them to shine through.

Education is about speaking & staying updated about what & how people around you think.

Education is about replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. Our own as well as of others.

Education is about adjusting to life’s different circumstances with patience.

Education is also about fighting for your rights. About standing up for yourself!

Education is about bringing out the best from everyone. Not by being a boss who sits & gives directions. But by being a leader who takes the first step towards every task.

Education is about having the wisdom of learning from experiences of daily life. About putting this wisdom to use at right time.

All these can be accomplished by taking Education one part at a time. Communication, Knowledge, Understanding & Application form these essential parts.

They are the 4 parts of . The way  when uttered purifies our souls, so do the 4 parts mentioned above when repeated complete Education. The cycle must be repeated in every subject, every concept, every class, every academic year & so on. The more basic or fundamental a concept the more times out must get repeated to make the learner perfect.

They are also the 4 constituents of the Mayonnaise Jar. When education needs to be divided into smaller parts, these stages give the order of preference to do it correctly.

True education lets a learner sail through the journey of ups & downs of life! It’s an interaction which leaves behind beautiful memories. It is a spark which leads us from darkness to light.

In short true education is about developing strong communication, good knowledge, better understanding & ability to apply all of it.

Inspired by: Nina Mam
With creative additions by: Srikanth Rangdal