Pure Philosophy

There are so many philosophies in the world. Each one with its own specific alignment. People tend to discriminate among the different philosophies. They compare them. Try to prove their own philosophy greater than the others.

My search for the best philosophy made me observe every belief very closely. I used to listen closely to every myth, epic & story of my grandma. Then I’d wonder how could they be true. Because it didn’t match with teachings of the school.

During my BTech, I contacted the Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad, regarding this quest. Swamy Srikanthananda of the Math sent me a book: Gyana Yoga, for free, encouraging me to read it.

The book contained speeches Vivekananda that he gave to the western audiences from time to time. It opened my mind to accept everything with an open mind.

I realized that the Ancient Indian philosophers have been spiritually oriented in their quests. Mind was their laboratory & thoughts their experiments. I feel they wrote down the observations of their thoughts in the scriptures.

I also realized that the quests of the Ancient Indians were always internal first & this gave external results. They gave more importance to controlling mind first & then mind would manifest in objective reality later. I started my own quest in this regard.

I applied the same technique myself. I would accept everything anyone said. Then I’d process the knowledge collected in my mind by making up different characters having a unique personality. This i learnt from another book. It’s name was Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain.

Now i am taking all that experience & understanding forward & trying to apply it to my programs CADiMate + 4&by. What i have been able to collect is not directly from any authentic scripture. It is just the processed result of whatever i heard from people i trusted.

That is the reason I don’t want to call it with any traditional name. I may end up creating more misunderstanding in people if I use the traditional names. So I call it what it truely is – Pure Philosophy.

Pure Philosophy is about accepting every philosophy, religion, customs, traditions, subjects, their understanding or their application. And then processing it’s usability within the confines of our mind. Pure Philosophy doesn’t discriminate with anything.

On a 2nd thought, I feel Pure philosophy is the direct result of the Sakalamata Siddhanta.

Sakala – everyone
Mata – opinion
Siddhanta – law

Sakalamata Siddhanta refers to the law of truth in everyone’s opinion. It was instituted by Shri Manik Prabhu Maharaj at Manik Nagar, a village near Humnabad, Karnataka.

I am lucky to be a student of a residential school run by the Manik Education Society, which is run by his family.

The followers of Sakalamata Siddhanta believe that everything in this universe has truth in it. We may be believers of any faith, but we must respect for every other faith. We must strive to realize the truth in everything & use it for the greatest benefit of everyone concerned.

In fact, we mean the same when we join our hands for a namaste. Namaste means – The truth in me respects the truth in you.

Western cultures have been materialistic. Their quest has always been external 1st & that is used to determine whether the internal has any value. They give importance to what individual achievements alone.

I feel our education system develops an inferiority complex in the students. It was after all instituted by the British for the very purpose & we haven’t changed it suit our purpose yet. We are told that India was civilized after the visit by British & not why the west was so curious to visit us in the 1st place.

At its core CADiMate + 4&by is a revolution to rediscover
the Ancient Indian Philosophy in accordance with the modern age.

On the surface, CADiMate + 4&by aims to use the spirit of engineering
backed by the teachings of ancient philosophers
for the greatest benefit of the educating community.

This revolution started in Mechanical Department of Engineering Education. But it is not meant to be confined to it. Once our process plan becomes perfect, we need to expand to other fields of education.