The syllabus of universities is vast. The classic chalk & board methods are too boring. Entertainers are competing for students’ attention with advanced technologies. It’s intense. Exams are designed to check memory but not understanding & applying ability.  

Result? –

‘Mug it up & write it in exams’

This has become students’ mantra. Will students be ready in time to face challenges of tomorrow?

Technology is developing at a tremendous rate. Features we could only dream of when we were studying are now commonly available. Some of the best ones are actually free to use.

CADiMate Finalll-004

CADiMate = CAD (Computer Aided Designing) +  aniMate (giving life).

The M in Mate is capitalised since we do it as a team.


Give life 2 EDUCATION using Pure Philosophy, Engineering Principles & Latest Technologies.


An era wherein educators are empowered to use what they teach 2 develop what they teach.


     0. Identify & implement the Pure Philosophy to improve our understanding of life.

  1. Identify & organise with mayonnaise jar the qualities required to succeed as an Engineer.
  2. Develop processes to inculcate engineering qualities in students based on PLM.
  3. Establish a tree structure showing relations between different subjects using GYAN YOGA.
  4. Generate opportunities 4 students to gain experience by working on common goals in teams.
  5. Distribute products of CADiMate to every gadget in use & generate income from it.
  6. Conduct workshops for the FOURCE = Four + Force.
  7. Develop apps with our organized knowledge & tests, games 4 better understanding.
  8. Develop Illustrative Diagram Charts, Prezis, Animations, Videos, Demos to aid understanding.
  9. Break the learning barriers like language, hesitation & treat Macaulay infection.
  10. Write articles, stories & create banners, short films 2 bring awareness about CADiMate + 4&by.


FOURCE / Mayonnaise jar, Youth Power, Creative Visualisation, Pure Philosophy, Latest Technologies, Positive synergy / Teamwork, Wisdom, Self-sustenance, Gyan Yoga


Egoism / Selfishness, Ignorance, Laziness, Fear, Leg Pulling, Marks Race / Peer Competition, Macaulay Infection / Inferiority Complex, hesitation, Barriers, Arrogance, Jealousy


Structuring Knowledge, Yoga Solutions, Need 4 Experience, Need to Upgrade System, Sharing Increases Knowledge, App Development, Workshops, Events, Internships, Seminars, Short Films, Tutorials, Collaboration, Projects, Websites, YouTube Videos


Convincing Stakeholders, Awareness, Encouraging, Maintaining Focus, Funds, Shy & backward  Students, Professional Help, Language Barrier, Engineering Engineers

Come along. Let’s CADiMate together!

Srikanth Jaiprakash Rangdal, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Dept

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