The syllabus of universities is vast. The classic chalk & board methods are too boring. Entertainers are competing for students’ attention with advanced technologies. It’s intense. Exams are designed to check memory but not understanding & applying ability.  

Result? –

‘Mug it up & write it in exams’

This has become students’ mantra. Will students be ready in time to face challenges of tomorrow?

Technology is developing at a tremendous rate. Features we could only dream of when we were studying are now commonly available. Some of the best ones are actually free to use.

CADiMate Finalll-004

CADiMate = CAD (Computer Aided Designing) +  aniMate (giving life).

The M in Mate is capitalised since we do it as a team.


Give life 2 EDUCATION using Pure Philosophy, Engineering Principles & Latest Technologies.


An era wherein educators are empowered to use what they teach 2 develop what they teach.


     0. Identify & implement the Pure Philosophy to improve our understanding of life.

  1. Identify & organise with mayonnaise jar the qualities required to succeed as an Engineer.
  2. Develop processes to inculcate engineering qualities in students based on PLM.
  3. Establish a tree structure showing relations between different subjects using GYAN YOGA.
  4. Generate opportunities 4 students to gain experience by working on common goals in teams.
  5. Distribute products of CADiMate to every gadget in use & generate income from it.
  6. Conduct workshops for the FOURCE = Four + Force.
  7. Develop apps with our organized knowledge & tests, games 4 better understanding.
  8. Develop Illustrative Diagram Charts, Prezis, Animations, Videos, Demos to aid understanding.
  9. Break the learning barriers like language, hesitation & treat Macaulay infection.
  10. Write articles, stories & create banners, short films 2 bring awareness about CADiMate + 4&by.


FOURCE / Mayonnaise jar, Youth Power, Creative Visualisation, Pure Philosophy, Latest Technologies, Positive synergy / Teamwork, Wisdom, Self-sustenance, Gyan Yoga


Egoism / Selfishness, Ignorance, Laziness, Fear, Leg Pulling, Marks Race / Peer Competition, Macaulay Infection / Inferiority Complex, hesitation, Barriers, Arrogance, Jealousy


Structuring Knowledge, Yoga Solutions, Need 4 Experience, Need to Upgrade System, Sharing Increases Knowledge, App Development, Workshops, Events, Internships, Seminars, Short Films, Tutorials, Collaboration, Projects, Websites, YouTube Videos


Convincing Stakeholders, Awareness, Encouraging, Maintaining Focus, Funds, Shy & backward  Students, Professional Help, Language Barrier, Engineering Engineers

Come along. Let’s CADiMate together!

Srikanth Jaiprakash Rangdal, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Dept


5 thoughts on “CADiMate

  1. Some where in life, everyone thinks that might we missed one thing or would have been done the thing if anyone would have suggested.. Guidance is needed. The True teacher is one who not only teaches but also who can guide n motivate the person in achieving the success.
    You’re are doing a wonderful job Sir… Keep Motivating.

    Liked by 1 person

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