Daily Vidyan: Secret to True Prosperity.

Vidyaan is the story of how 4 people rediscover the true education. Under the past wisdom of Guruji, willful passion of Vidya, practical analogies of Gyan & worldly musings of Chatur. Daily vidyan is a conversation between them, discussing a problem each day. Today, they are trying to discern the secret of prosperity.


Daily Vidyaan: Losing Losers’

Daily Vidyaan consists of conversation between the characters of Vidyaan. Guruji, a realised soal who has experienced the ultimate truth. Gyan, Vidya & Chatur students of the modern world. Their names pretty much define their character.  Today, Chatur is a bit depressed. Why? What are reactions of Gyan & Vidya? How will Guruji help him? Find out for yourself. 

Sometimes I sketch

Me with my friend. I know I suck at drawing & our faces are nowhere near what I have drawn. It's just a way of getting my stress away. People smoke, drink tea, go roaming & do many non sensical things to keep themselves sane. This is my way. Regards,

Daily quote: Guruji

Some say we are in kaliyug & it will end to lead us directly into Satyug. Some say we have passed kaliyug & even tretayug & are somewhere in Dwaparyug on our journey towards Satyug in reverse order. Some say that the Vishnu would be born as Kalki to end kaliyug in a snap. Some … Continue reading Daily quote: Guruji

Daily Vidyaan: Face your failure.

Vidyaan is the story of Guruji, Gyan, Vidya & Chatur. Daily Vidyaan consists of conversations from their life. Guruji: We all at some point of time repent on some of our actions & decisions. What happened was not in your hands. Vidya: What happened was my fault. My father had so many hopes on me … Continue reading Daily Vidyaan: Face your failure.

Daily Vidyaan: Elders vs YOUngsters

​Another conversation between the Vidyaan characters. This time they take on the generation gap to discuss. What's best? Elders learning to cope with technology with the help of YOUngsters or both working together for best results. Guruji: You all belong to the generation x. You get adapted to the technology as fast as its growing. … Continue reading Daily Vidyaan: Elders vs YOUngsters

Daily Vidyaan: Love & Moksha

Hope you remember the characters from my story Vidyaan. I want to make Vidyaan the best of my efforts & that's taking time. Meanwhile enjoy their conversation about love & how it can lead you to moksha. "Love is the need of humanity. Everyone wants to love & be loved." "Read what the Guruji, Vidya, Gyan & Chatur have to discuss about it from their own perspectives.."

Help. Dependence on our near & dear ones is the way towards True Independence.

Help! It's such a helpful word! We all need it. However perfect we might be.  We are humans. We are not designed to be perfect. We are social animals. Our strength & ability grows with numbers. But there are some people who want to defy this very nature. They want to prove to the world … Continue reading Help. Dependence on our near & dear ones is the way towards True Independence.

The seeds of HELP.

As humans we are social beings. We don't work solo. We like forming teams. We like sharing work & it's results. It's difficult to live without any expectation from others . Everyday we come across situations,moments where we need aid from someone else. Right from the time we get up in morning to the time … Continue reading The seeds of HELP.

CADiMate-Intro after transformation…

2nd Year BTech Mechanical Students. It's a memorable day. I had been telling them to do so much as a boss. I was containing them to my way of working thinking that's righteous. I was stressing on using technology the way i know it. It was rude at times. I was complicating the matters beyond … Continue reading CADiMate-Intro after transformation…