Vidyaan 2.2: The Patriot

Fast Forward: Gyan saved Vidya, a depressed engineering student who had decided to commit suicide. He made her realise that she was not a lone failure. That at the peak of her success, she had ignored gyan himself becoming victim of the world's expectations. Vidya also feels guilty that Gyan lost an year because of … Continue reading Vidyaan 2.2: The Patriot

So Fast

Found this message on WhatsApp. Really nice message. So posting on the blog. Posted by Muslim Friend... The title has 2 meanings The article talks about a reason to fast. It's about the speed with which  people adjust. Mumbai – A world in its own Date: 1st June 2017, it was 6:20 PM at Andheri … Continue reading So Fast

Manik Nagar the origin place of Sakalamata, visited with my wife & kid

Manik Prabhu Temple Maniknagar, Bidar, Karnataka 585353 094481 28389

The Evolutionary Myth

Characters of Vidyaan in another janma in another time.   "Guruji, Vidya wants to be a genetic scientist. She wants to work in US on the evolution of man. Theory of evolution. Charles Darwin. Have you heard of him?" Gyan asked. Guruji sat down next to him and smiled, "I know about Darwin, Gyan. But … Continue reading The Evolutionary Myth

​Mayonnaise jar

The Story - PART 1 A teacher walks into his class with a glass jar filled with big stones filled to the top. He keeps it on the table & asks, "Is the jar full?" "Yes" reply all the students. He then empties his left pocket taking out small stones & putting it in the … Continue reading ​Mayonnaise jar

ॐ as a Scientific Symbol

What country does H2O belong to? Those of you who know Chemistry would scream: "Non-sense! H is for Hydrogen, 2 means there are 2 atoms of Hydrogen & O is for oxygen. H2O is the scientific symbol which represents water. It can't belong to a single country!" That's exactly what a Pure Philosopher would say … Continue reading ॐ as a Scientific Symbol

The story of adding forces

Ancient Indians were pioneers in the art of representations. There's not a topic of thought which they hadn't pondered over. One of the most intriguing thing about all the works of ancient Indians is Yoga. Many people translate it as synchronisation & mostly relate it to bringing mind & body together. But i believe yoga was much much more than that. For me Yoga will always mean *convergence*. I believe every story they ever said has multiple meanings which try to capture the similarity & repetitive nature of the existences. In this story i follow a similar approach to explain the *ADDITION OF VECTORS* taking *FORCE* as example.

Mass vs Weight

What's the difference between mass & weight? The first time I had heard of this question was in a Doordarshan serial Brahmand - universe. Universe being my super favorite topic. I still remember it like yesterday. Aakash Bahut uncha hai aur door bahut hain taare, tairte hue sainkdo sooraj, brahmand ke ye banjaare. The sky … Continue reading Mass vs Weight

Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta & Sanskrit

Why read BHAGWATH GEETHA even if you don't understand a single word of it? I had heard this story as a child. Back then i was given an incomplete answer. My quest for the ULTIMATE TRUTHS gave me an answer which i feel is complete. Read to find out...

बलवान समय तू कर इतना

The feelings of an adult who misses his childhood . . . Wrote it while I was moving to college in the bus. Where did we reach in our search for happiness?