Discontent! Let’s counter curse it…

Discontent is a basic nature of human beings. It is good in certain cases. Learning a skill, gaining knowledge or working towards perfection for example. For relationships, expectations, material acquisitions or in our nature, however, it will always create unhappiness. Everyone is blessed with a lot. Yet we sometimes remain to compare ourselves to others. … Continue reading Discontent! Let’s counter curse it…


Find Purpose. Purpose will find you real joy.

We all are born for some purpose. Our life becomes more meaningful when we find a purpose in others & others find purpose in us. When those we love to live for, look forward to us to be with them. When people love our company. When they share with us their feelings, worries, happiness, pain. … Continue reading Find Purpose. Purpose will find you real joy.


Hold on to hope. We must hold on to it till our last breath! Hope brings a sparkle to our eyes. Hope brings joy to our lives. Not doing well? Cannot see any possibilities working out? Still. Hang on you must, with all your might. Hope must be the last support to be left. Persistence … Continue reading Hope!

Let go

We find it difficult to let go. Especially our emotions that relate to love. Love for our near  & dear ones. Our possessions. Our anger. Love creates in us an attachment. We become dependent on the one we love. Our needs & wants get attached to that person. Our mind will tell us to let … Continue reading Let go

The Prayer Balm

Prayer is like a balm on a wound. It's a request asking to heal all your emotional, physical, financial woes. It's a source of love, respect, care and belief you show towards your own soul. It's a way of thanking the beautiful energy that has blessed you to come into this world! When you kneel … Continue reading The Prayer Balm


True love! aha! We have heard so much about it. Love of mother & child. Love between brother & sister. Love between a boy & a girl, husband & wife. But in one definition what is true love? True love is unconditional. When you feel love towards known & unknown in the same capacity, that's … Continue reading Love TRUE

Surprising enchanters

The title has 2 meanings, That the enchanters are surprising for us. This article is about learning to surprise the enchanters. Tit 4 Tat! Life is going smoothly. Everything is fine. Suddenly, Life throws at us an unexpected surprise. Life challenges us. It can happen to any of us. It can be related any field. … Continue reading Surprising enchanters


Every game ends in either of two ways. We win or we lose. We enjoy success or get sad at failure. It shouldn't be about how you defeat your competitors. It shouldn't even be about how you achieved success. It should be more about the positive spirit of taking your victory or loss. Victory should … Continue reading Be a SPORT

Surprise Life

The title means give your Life Surprises. Then Life will have no regrets...  Surprise! The unexpected good brings us immense joy & happiness. It could be a sudden promotion, sudden rise in income, or a bonus, unexpectedly good results or anything unexpected & good for that matter. Would our happiness be the same if we … Continue reading Surprise Life

Tip it well…

Tip in the title has 2 meanings: The tip you give to a server in restaurant. Tip as in Tips & Tricks.