Name – Srikanth Rangdal.

My mother tongue is Marathi. I was born & brought up in Karnataka. Currently, I am working in Telangana. So yes! I know 5 languages in all. I changed school then & profession now about 5 times too. So yes! I came in contact with people from a lot of places.

My father changed many professions starting with the business of tailoring materials & moved to Audio/Video Cassettes, CD, DVD, Thread Mill, Lodging, Hotel, General Store & currently, Kirana. But he always encouraged me to focus on studies. So yes! I am not good at instincts.

I like to consider myself as a spiritual being on a quest to realise the Ultimate Truth of singularity through Gyana Yoga. CADiMate + 4&by are my way of serving the community by stopping the problems I faced as a student from affecting the future generations.

On the financial level, I am more of a miser.

Materialistically, I love tech gadgets. Keeping myself updated about the latest & greatest is one of my favourite pass time.

Spiritually, I have had that realisation which people believe is a way of meeting God. I paid a terrible price for it.

I believe the feminine energy is the spiritual equivalent of nuclear energy of the material world. If channelled properly, it can be our infinite source of inspiration.

Among the feminine, there are many who inspired me. Starting with my Grandma, who’s stories expanded my imagination, My mom, who’s cooking I can’t live without, my sisters, who keep nagging me out of depressions, my mami, who is always there to guide & love, my wife who completed me by being my partner.

There are many more angels. They came into my life, taught their lessons, gave me inspiration & moved away with time.

To all of them, I owe my Life.

Among the masculine, there are many who supported me. My father who worked hard day & night for giving me the education he couldn’t get himself, my grandfather, who lived by example a simple austere life filled with care for everyone, my son who came into this world on children’s day which was also the Guru Nanak Jayanthi, I consider him my guru, he is the starting point of the implementation of my spiritual ideas on the material plane.

There are many more muscles who punched, hugged & played with me.

To all of them, I owe my success.

Professionally speaking, 

I am working as Asst. Professor, Mechanical Department.

I have worked in colleges like

  • Aurora’s Seethaiah College (Patancheru),
  • Nishitha College of Engg & Tech (Lemoor),
  • Aurora’s ASTRA (Bandlaguda),
  • SVERI’s College of Engg (Pandharpur)

since my graduation in 2007.

Post Graduation

MTech in Advanced Manufacturing Systems from JNTU, Hyderabad under Part Time Post Graduation program. 


BTech in Mechanical Engineering is from PDA College of Engineering, Gulbarga, Karnataka. Affiliated to Visveshwaraya Technological University, Belgaum, Karnataka.

I live with my Parents, GrandParents, 2 sisters, my Wife & Child at Hyderabad. My mother tongue is Marathi, I was born & brought up in Karnataka & currently, I am working in Telangana. This adds meaning to my surname Rangdal = Rang (colors) + dal (Grind).