24&by = For & By Students

Engineering is the application of knowledge. Understanding & skills are crucial for success in Engineering. There’s a dearth of opportunities 4 students to learn from their failures. This creates fear in students. Companies want experienced candidates but won’t give jobs to freshers. Where should freshers gain experience? Also, many say Engineering graduates are UNEMPLOYABLE? What is the solution?

The Youth have so much energy, enthusiasm, creativity, curiosity, adaptivity. Create an organization for & by students that analyses & solve all above problems using PLM. A thorn can remove a thorn!

4&by Finalll-004

4&by = For & By Students.

4 are the skills required by an Engineer:

Communication, Knowledge, Understanding & Application.

4 are the characters we idealize:


4 are also the steps in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) that we use to develop the skills:

Plan, Design, Produce & Market.

These are our driving FOURCE. We greet each other – “Let the FOURCE be with Us”


Generate opportunities 4 students to gain professional skills by working for CADiMate.


A world where graduates are confident, empowered & experienced for true INDovation.


  1. Create following opportunities to improve leadership qualities
    • Collect & maintain info like contacts, interests, gadgets & skills to help in forming best teams.
    • Develop an organized structure to collect, improve, organize, simplify & update notes easily.
    • Manage relations, resolve disputes & help the participants focus on the common goal.
    • Collect ideas 4 physical prototypes to demo subject concept & to improve life.
  2. Create following opportunities to improve information gathering skills
    • Compare different resources for subjects & finalize the best (combo) by discussions.
    • Collect the knowledge from the best resources decided & put it in the organized structure.
    • Collect formulae & do their detailed derivations to understand their origin & application.
    • Document the implementations of ideas done by others & try to learn from them.
  3. Create following opportunities to improve understanding of the knowledge.
    • Simplify & Translate the knowledge to local languages 4 friends with difficulty in english.
    • Improve, Simplify, Organise into points by importance & find their connection with other subjects.
    • Develop questions & problems that can help understand the knowledge in a better way.
    • Study works of others & design a unique model that is practically possible to complete.
  4. Create following opportunities to improve their experience of applying their skills
    • Conceptualize & discuss specs to implement the ideas collected in a cheap & best manner.
    • Collect information to understand the working of concepts & availability of the specs
    • Develop possible models using the concepts & specs decided by sketches or CAD packages.
    • Execute the best of the models into working prototype trying to use minimum investment.

4&by is the way Engineering is meant to be learnt.

Srikanth Rangdal, Asst Prof, Mechanical Dept