Daily Vidyaan: Losing Losers’

Daily Vidyaan consists of conversation between the characters of Vidyaan. Guruji, a realised soal who has experienced the ultimate truth. Gyan, Vidya & Chatur students of the modern world. Their names pretty much define their character.

Today, Chatur is a bit depressed. Why? What are reactions of Gyan & Vidya? How will Guruji help him? Find out for yourself.

Chatur: I feel helpless.

Gyan: With the kind of company you keep, you should be. Those friends of yours are total morons.

Vidya: Gyan! That was too harsh. He needs our help.

Guruji: Every dark cloud has a silver lining. And of coarse a lot of refreshing rain water (Chuckles). I been waiting for this moment.

Chatur: Guruji! You wanted me to feel helpless? Why? You could have guided me when I first became your disciple. I know you could have.

Vidya: Everything has a right time. I’m sure Guruji has his reasons.

Guruji: You are blessing any guru Vidya. Never miss a point where it’s due. Any lesson won’t have an effective impact if given at wrong time. Now this would be the time when you elaborate your helplessness.

Chatur: I do everything possible for for my friends. I take care of their problems. Look after their necessities. Shower them with unconditional love. Take care of every little wish they have. But they still can’t be happy. Guruji, you spread happiness so effortlessly. I wish to do the same. And I feel helpless.

Gyan: So the camel did find competition to it’s height. It came under a mountain.

Vidya: Helplessness feels very painful. No matter what we do, we end up feeling nothing would make any difference. All the attention, affection, appreciation goes waste. I know what it feels like to give your best & not get the desired result. Guruji please enlighten us.

Guruji: The reason is company of unhappy people, his friends. They do not know how to live and love life.

Gyan: They can neither be happy themselves nor let anyone else be happy. They carry too high expectations from everyone around. No wonder they end up feeling unsatisfied, unhappy, irritated. We don’t find them on our side when we need them the most. They can’t realise the importance of someone who shares, cares & puts in every effort to maintain relationships.

Vidya: So you mean to say that it was my friend who made me feel helpless too? And I blame myself in vain? But, I can’t abandoned her. She looks up to me for help.

Guruji: You can help your friend to live & love life. That would make them helpful themselves.

Chatur: Guruji, you are the guru of gurus. Please tell me the mantra by which I can do it.

Guruji: A mantra would make them do things unwillingly. It’s side effects may worsen the situation rather than improving it? Do you still want that mantra (winks at Gyan)?

Chatur: Then what should I do?

Vidya: Those of bad company are the self centred people. They are always on calculating mode. They scan all the things keeping in mind the less give & more take factor. No wealth can satisfy them because they can have endless yearning for it.

Gyan: Long story short – They can never be satisfied with material benefits.

Guruji: So feed them with spiritual wisdom of loving life & living every moment of it.

Chatur: Is that it?

Guruji: It may seem easy. But it takes a lot of conscious transformation at our personal level. We’d fall many times flat but each fall must make us stronger & conscious of our mistakes. If you do it with conviction, you might even become better than me.

Chatur: You opened my eyes Guruji. I’d have ended up losing all my friends. And all the happy moments I had with them. I learnt my lesson. I’ll teach them to love life. I’ll make them positive.

Guruji: It’s good you caught up, Chatur. Here on wards, concentrate on their spiritual needs & not their material wants. That way they’ll start loving life & will live helping in return. And you’ll never again feel helpless.

The ideas of this conversation were taken from one of Nina mam’s talks. These ideas were then put together into a conversation by me (Srikanth Rangdal) with suitable additions of my own.

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One thought on “Daily Vidyaan: Losing Losers’

  1. Excellent.. True wisdom.. superb message Sir.
    We can’t give anything to anyone in life.. What’s imp is to be happy & Make other’s Happy that’s life. Spread love n Happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

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