Daily Vidyaan: Chatur’s company

Daily Vidyaan consists of conversation between the characters of Vidyaan. Guruji, a realised soal who has experienced the ultimate truth. Gyan, Vidya & Chatur students of the modern world. Their names pretty much define their character.

Today, Chatur is a bit depressed. Why? What are reactions of Gyan & Vidya? How will Guruji help him? Find out for yourself.

Chatur: I feel helpless.

Gyan: With the kind of company you keep, you should be.

Vidya: Gyan!

Guruji: Important thing is that you are right on time. I been waiting when you’d discover it.

Chatur: I do everything possible for them. I take care of their problems. Look after their necessities. Shower them with unconditional love. Take care of every little wish. But they still can’t be happy. Guruji, you spread happiness so effortlessly. It makes me feel hopeless & helpless.

Gyan: That’s the least you can feel. Helpless.

Vidya: You know in your heart the ultimate truth. No matter what you do, it won’t make any difference. All the attention, affection, appreciation us waste. I know what it feels like to give your best & not get the desired result.

Guruji: It happens when you keep the company of unhappy people. They do not know how to live and love life.

Gyan: They can neither be happy themselves nor let you be happy. They carry too high expectations from everyone around.

Vidya: No wonder they end up feeling unsatisfied, unhappy, irritated. You won’t find them on your side when you need them the most. They can’t realise the importance of someone who shares, cares & puts in every effort to maintain relationships.

Chatur: Guruji, many of them hold you their favourite. How are you able to satisfy them?

Guruji: Isn’t it obvious? I just guide them on living better & loving Life.

Vidya: They are the self centred people. They are always on calculating mode & scan all the things keeping in mind the less give & more take factor. Wealth can’t satisfy humans because they can have endless yearning for it. Give them food & they can only eat to their fill.

Gyan: long story short – They can never be satisfied with material benefits. So Guruji feeds them with spiritual wisdom.

Guruji: Many times it gets too late. They end up losing many good friends, happy moments. But then, it’s Life teaching them a lesson. It’s good you caught up, Chatur. Here on wards, concentrate on their needs & not their wants. You’ll never again feel helpless.

The ideas of this conversation were taken from one of Nina mam’s talks. These ideas were then put together into a conversation by me (Srikanth Rangdal) with suitable additions of my own.

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One thought on “Daily Vidyaan: Chatur’s company

  1. Excellent.. True wisdom.. superb message Sir.
    We can’t give anything to anyone in life.. What’s imp is to be happy & Make other’s Happy that’s life. Spread love n Happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

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