Daily Vidyaan: Face your failure.

Vidyaan is the story of Guruji, Gyan, Vidya & Chatur. Daily Vidyaan consists of conversations from their life.

Guruji: We all at some point of time repent on some of our actions & decisions. What happened was not in your hands.

Vidya: What happened was my fault. My father had so many hopes on me & I failed him. I never even stepped down to second rank, ever. And now i have failed a complete subject.

Gyan: So what do you do now? What is done is done. We all have to face the consequences for our actions. There are bad phases in everyone’s life. Disturbing our mental peace is not the right way to deal with it. 

Chatur: My father too had once lost financial stability. His life in those times had been full of stress, anger & frustration.

Guruji: These are times when we are left with no choice but to face it. We must hold on to all the hope we can muster. Whatever be the hurdle – emotional, physical or financial, we must face it. When we persist this, we emerge much stronger than our past.

Chatur: Yes, my father emerged magnificent out of that phase of powerty. He successfully thwarted all who left his side in bad times. Including me. He thought it was my birth which braught upon him the bad luck. I still feel his wrath sometimes, directly or indirectly.

Gyan: Every cloud has a silver lining. The darker it looks, the more silvery will be the lightening. This could just be a mistake. I’ve come to know that the university is pretty careless in assigning the valuation. There’s no sense of responsibility. 

Vidya: All that is water under the bridge. What I feel now is pure darkness. Who would i stretch my hand to? It seems like the infinite space I’m merooned in. I can’t forgive myself for what happened.

Guruji: It’s our ego that does not let us accept our mistakes. Accept what happened with open heart. You will find it easy to forgive. Then you’d look with a different perspective at yourself & the mistakes. You’d become more attuned to your emotions & reason for those actions, behaviour & consequences. You’ll become more acceptable & big hearted to let go of the mistakes or bad actions.

Gyan: That’d allow you to concentrate on finding better ways to prove your worth. The university exams have failed to keep pace with technology. They cannot measure ability of a student. We could device methods of practically learning instead of being mere book worms. The technology is improving & with what we have right now we could develop a testing method that can make the practices of university obsolete. People would know you for different reason than being a failure. So cheer up.

Guruji: That would make you lovable & compassionate to human nature & its complexities! So forgive yourself. Let go & accept to make yourself more happy & peaceful. Live a non judgmental life. Believe me – when you don’t judge you are accepted by everyone. You will then forget the pain & can concentrate on what needs to be done.

The ideas of this conversation were taken from one of Nina mam’s talks. These ideas were then put together into a conversation by me (Srikanth Rangdal) with suitable additions of my own.

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