Daily Vidyaan: Elders vs YOUngsters

​Another conversation between the Vidyaan characters.

This time they take on the generation gap to discuss. What’s best? Elders learning to cope with technology with the help of YOUngsters or both working together for best results.

Guruji: You all belong to the generation x. You get adapted to the technology as fast as its growing. It’s almost magical for my generation but you all use it as if it’s your daily dose.

Vidya: Yes Guruji, we are getting very much equipped with the technology. The fastest computers of a decade back are now pocket sized. Also, they can do much more than what they were limited to in the past. Internet has made them better & a lot more versatile.

Gyan: It’s a matter of worry as much as joy. In the past television was fat & men watching it lean. Now the trend has reversed. Technology has taken away our hard work & independence. We feel crippled without technology.

Chatur: But technology has made everything smarter. Our phones are now smart. There are apps that do a day’s worth of work in a minute. There was the calculator which saved us so much of arithmetic effort. Now with artificial intelligence the other mental efforts too will become problems of past.

Gyan: The smarter the technology gets the dumber mistakes humans will invent. 

Guruji: That’s where the younger generation needs the support of the elders. You must not let the tech shape your needs. Your needs must shape the kind of tech you use. The elders may be slow with technology but their wisdom makes them steady. They can guide the youthful energy of younger generation for best results.

Vidya: The problem is that many of the younger generation do not have the patience or time to spend with the elders. They think tech can guide them better. 

Chatur: That’s true in some cases. 

Gyan: Then you shouldn’t blame elders about being very slow to adapt with the changing times of today’s world. You aren’t helping them.

Vidya: It is our responsibility to support the older generation. We must have patience. A little give & take can save them a lot of embarrassment & we can both benefit mutually.

Gyan: There are so many things we can teach. Bank transactions, online applications, booking tickets for movie travel or hotel rooms. Property papers & all those documents can now be stored on the computers, mobile phones or laptops. 

Guruji: I belong to, the generation which used the classic methods. We’d write things down instead of typing. We’d go personally & book the tickets for a travel, movies etc.

Gyan: Still struggling to get used to this new generation technology,they seem to get lost, little insecure when they hear about the online frauds, cheating in the areas of banking, 

Vidya: It’s our responsibility to help them out, support them. We must teach them to adapt to technology the same way they have been supporting us since we were born. Then they’d be confident, self reliant & independent. Making fun of them, teasing them or making them feel insecure and unconfident won’t help. They deserve to learn at their comfortable pace. Great difference & gap between the two generation will not prove good or healthy for any of the two us!

Guruji: Do you think they need technology as much as you do? I had a friend of mine who we Very enthusiastic about technology. He felt pride in keeping the latest in tech. He told me once he tried to teach his dad about operating bank with mobile.

Chatur: Poor dad. He must have been embarrassed.

Guruji: No, it turned out to be embarrassing for my tech savvy friend.

Gyan: How?

Guruji: His father didn’t have much to do in his retired old age. He looked forward to his visits to the bank. He enjoyed getting ready to go out. Meeting the manager personally to have a chat or a cup of coffee with gupshup. Many times he’d stumbled upon an old friend in his visit.

Chatur: Seems more of a way to cover that embarrassment.

Guruji: What if i tell you this practice of his saved him from a big fraud? 

Gyan: Please go on.

Guruji: An employee of bank had got his father’s address & phone number changed. Then applied for a cheque book with the new number. If not for the relations with the manager, lakhs of rupees would have been taken away without his knowledge.

Chatur: Why would he do that?

Guruji: Whatever the reason. My point is, that everyone of us have different needs. These needs shape our style of living. This style shapes up over a period of time & builds up defensive supports for us. Tech or no tech, it’s safety & success that matter. 

Vidya: What’s your suggestion Guruji?

Guruji: The generation gap has widened very much. What’s important is that the younger generation gains the wisdom of remaining focused from the elders. This would open the doors for elders to gain technical skills. None can keep taking things forever, giving is necessary to make space for taking newer things. That’s my suggestion. There’s no problem in rising high, but stay deeply rooted in the ground to avoid fall back. Elders & youngsters must stay connected for the harmonious benefit of everyone concerned.

The ideas of this conversation were taken from one of Nina mam’s talks. These ideas were then put together into a conversation by me (Srikanth Rangdal) with suitable additions of my own.

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