Daily Vidyaan: Love & Moksha

​Hope you remember the characters from my story Vidyaan. I want to make Vidyaan the best of my efforts & that’s taking time. 

Meanwhile enjoy their conversation about love & how it can lead you to moksha.
Rest assured the story of Vidyaan will proceed when time comes.

Guruji: Love is such a magical word.

Vidya: Yes guruji it’s the one word that finds so much interest, curiosity, longing, 

Gyan: It’s the best of feelings. Joy, power & ecstasy.

Chatur: It also leads to sadness, weakness & depression. 

Guruji: Point being that all of us want to experience & get the best of it. People look around for love in the outside world. The true love however lies within.

Chatur: I find every moment i love myself is so Beautiful.  

Gyan: Loving others is more humane. Even animals love themselves.

Vidya: Forgetting one’s own self in the love for humanity with utmost honesty & genuineness is the path towards true happiness.

Guruji: Excellently put into words, Vidya. That is Moksha of highest order. The word Moksha itself means a person doesn’t have be reborn. When we forget ourselves in the love for humanity we become perfect. One with the supreme parmatma. There’s no more suffering of mrityuloka. But for this we’d have to care without any personal intention or advantage. Love need not be only romantic. it can be when you wish the best for the person. Encourage. 

Gyan: Like giving moral support. 

Guruji: Yes

Chatur: Like pushing the person towards progress. 

Guruji: Yes

Vidya: If nothing, just be with him when he or she needs you. 

Guruji: Hmm… Love is trusting. It’s sharing your innermost thoughts & problems. It’s forgetting the world amidst our loved ones. 

Chatur: It’s also about keeping secrets. It’s about siding with the dear ones even when they are wrong. Feelings for the loved ones stay constant even with the change in relationship status. 

Gyan: Yes love keeps us stable, but it’s better to avoid stability in evil deeds. Yes it makes us side with our loved ones, but it’s also important to counsel our loved ones in private. Love is keeping the dignity and honour of the person intact even after if you are not on the speaking terms with that person. It remains the same, wishing always the best for that person! A truthful innocent person must never be put in harm’s way.

Vidya: Love can never be harmful, love never runs down people or make one feel unworthy. It always pushes us to do our best. Love carries no expectations. It’s the most selfless feeling. 

Guruji: Love just wants us to be happy. Love gives us a reason to smile for no reason at all. it blesses us with the most precious moments of our lives. The moments we can relive many times over, in times of despair. Love without calculations or bounds is the key to a future of boundless opportunities.

The ideas of this conversation were taken from one of Nina mam’s talks. These ideas were then put together into a conversation by me (Srikanth Rangdal) with suitable additions of my own.

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