Help. Dependence on our near & dear ones is the way towards True Independence.


It’s such a helpful word! We all need it. However perfect we might be. 

We are humans. We are not designed to be perfect. We are social animals. Our strength & ability grows with numbers.

But there are some people who want to defy this very nature. They want to prove to the world they don’t need any help. 

When we ask them if they need any help, they refuse. Some even go beyond their own load. They are yes men. Whatever help you ask them, they won’t refuse. 

Eventually they end up getting tired, exhausted, irritated. Then if we ask them the reason, they complain. They don’t have any help. They have to do everything all alone.

Knowing our strengths is as important as not ignoring our weaknesses. A stone may not crack even when an elephant steps on it. But a lady with pointed high heels could pierce it. 

Elephant might be having a lot of weight. But that weight just gets distributed over a greater surface. The lady is too cautious of her weight. She has small weight. But all of that small weight gets concentrated to crack the stone.

To stay sane, we must try to reduce stress. When we try to with alone, we are like that pointed heel of the lady. The weight would concentrate creating high stress. That would break is just like the stone. It’s important to take help from others to increase the surface area & reduce the stress. Then even the load of an elephant can be taken up without breaking.

Where would we have been if we didn’t work together for independence? We all remember the revolt of 1857. Rani lakshmibai, mangal pandey & many other valiant warriors lost their lives. But the revolt was suppressed. Independence was not ours.

Then came a man who had the determination of inspiring everyone to help others. He didn’t even need any violence to convince the British to walk away in 1947. Satyagraha & the determination of his followers to keep standing was enough.

Asking help doesn’t make us small. Why feel guilty for asking help? Asking for help shows we trust the opposite person. It deepens the bond we share with that person.

We must have an open mind to trust. Only then can we share our work. No need to limit to our family & friends. We must expand our reach to all the near & dear ones. 

 you expect instead of creating dual faces before the world and save yourself from pretending before the world, that you don’t need anybody, but invest your trust, love and respect to make your journey easier and happier.

Writer: NINA

Editor: Srikanth 


Nina mam is the source for these inspirational talks. On my request she agreed to contribute to our blog.

Read all her posts by clicking the link below

My contribution in these articles is editing to remove grammatical errors & add some of my own lines if needed.

Below is how Nina mam describes herself. In her own words:

“I am a proud homemaker, a tarot reader, a singer, an organiser in a musical group & writing is my passion.”

You may find more of her previous talks on her Facebook page:


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