CADiMate-Intro after transformation…

2nd Year BTech Mechanical Students.

It’s a memorable day.

I had been telling them to do so much as a boss. I was containing them to my way of working thinking that’s righteous. I was stressing on using technology the way i know it. It was rude at times. I was complicating the matters beyond their understanding.
They used to listen no doubt. With pin drop silence. Wondering what it was i wanted. Waiting for the lector to end. They wanted to do what mattered to them.

Over a period of time something happened. 

I started editing articles of Nina mam to post on my blog. To some extent it affected my regular followers who had joined me for what i do best. But it helped in a long run.

I developed am attitude of patience. I developed an understanding of life. I understood the importance of making people feel special. From am iron fist of past that wanted to boss people around, i started becoming more of a leader who encouraged people to outshine their past.

I became a “changed ME”. When this “changed ME” gave the same introduction. There was a huge difference.

In past i used to be frustrated that not everyone is listening to me. Now i had faith that every seeker will be guided by a greater seeker. 

In place of the strict detailed process plan, there were just guidelines on polishing one’s skills to perfection. I was now taking care of the journey. Destinations would automatically be reached.

All in all, it was a SUPREME EXPERIENCE. 

I’d like to convey my special thanks to Nina mam for sharing her spontaneous thoughts on a regular basis.

I’m also thankful to the students who didn’t give up on me & hanged on.

The experience has strengthened my belief that i am moving slow & steady towards a better future.

For the greatest benefit of everyone concerned.


One thought on “CADiMate-Intro after transformation…

  1. Sir, you are sharing your experiences at the same time you are also Motivating many people like us. Superb
    We can’t change others … CHANGING ME
    Changing or improvising ourselves is d biggest task


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