Guest vs Negativity

What do you do when guests come to your place without informing you ?

You try & make them comfortable. You serve them good food. You try to entertain them with your talks. Our you just engross with them in some healthy discussion till you bid them goodbye.

That’s exactly how you must deal with your negative thoughts. Feel completely comfortable. Let them come & go. Feed them with positivity & optimism. 

Don’t let them settle down on your mind. Just shoo them away with a smile thinking they were just uninvited guests. 

Let them come. Spend some time with them. Think on them for a while from different perspectives. Enjoy the funny perspectives with a laugh. Then throw them away after learning from them to stay positive! 

Writer: NINA

Editor: Srikanth along with shanmukh


Nina mam is the source for these inspirational talks. On my request she agreed to contribute to our blog.

Read all her posts by clicking the link below

My contribution in these articles is editing to remove grammatical errors & add some of my own lines if needed.

Below is how Nina mam describes herself. In her own words:

“I am a proud homemaker, a tarot reader, a singer, an organiser in a musical group & writing is my passion.”

You may find more of her previous talks on her Facebook page:


Listen to her sweet voice here:


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