Shine inside. Don’t flaunt outside.

With time our lives have undergone so much change. Our thoughts, the technology we use, the rituals we follow, our lifestyle, needs & wants. It could all be attributed to competition, comparisons, pomp and show!

The outer package has taken precedence over what’s actually inside. We have stepped into the world of materialistic nature.

The more you flaunt, more you are looked up to.

It has presumably become the success mantra. It does not matter what ways are adopted to do so. It may be by over trading, borrowing, loans. Status should not go down.

It doesn’t matter whether you loose your peace & smile. It doesn’t matter if it  keeps you frustrated & stressed. It doesn’t matter if it affects your health & mental peace. 

We are ready to pay a high price just to keep ourselves at par with the standards set by the artificial world. A world that only values artificial pomp, show & outward glamour.

Why have we lost our simplicity of staying happy within our means? Why do we need to show off? Is it worth having an artificial world of pomp and glory in its stead? 

Remember that the people of this artificial world will enjoy at your cost. They’ll stay by your side till you have it & entertain them. The moment you lose it. Not a single soul will be with you. No one will really care for you. You’ll realise no one loves you for what you really are !

Some people just feel the need to flaunt their wealth. They spend too much. They forget that the mind world is a vicious circle. What you have on the inside will attract similar people to you. If you spend too much, you’ll attract people who like free party. They may talk about you. They may praise you for few days. But they’ll forget all the moment you are unable to continue giving them. 

The very same people will start throwing brickbats at you. They’ll start rolling their eyes when you cry. They’ll have a look of I-told-you-so in their eyes. Blaming you for all that happened.

Live your life for yourself. Stop struggling to rise in the eyes of people with material benefits. Try to be wise, sane, balanced & respected being. 

Writer: NINA

Editor: Srikanth


Nina mam is the source for these inspirational talks. On my request she agreed to contribute to our blog.

Read all her posts by clicking the link below

My contribution in these articles is editing to remove grammatical errors & add some of my own lines if needed.

Below is how Nina mam describes herself. In her own words:

“I am a proud homemaker, a tarot reader, a singer, an organiser in a musical group & writing is my passion.”

You may find more of her previous talks on her Facebook page:


Listen to her sweet voice here:


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