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Just a few months back we just had an idea.

To improve Education using Technology.

Now the vision has expanded & we are working to rediscover the true meaning of Education itself, from scratch, anew.

We are now doing so many things at the same time.

We are writing a story to show the problems of present students & how they can find a solution.
Read the story series of rediscovering the true meaning of EDUCATION by a depressed student with the help of a friend, a foe & the GURU.

We are editing beautiful thoughts from NINA mam, with removal of errors & enhanced additions almost on a daily basis Daily Inspirational talks from NINA mam, edited to finish by me.

We are writing articles on boring concepts in subjects with a perspective learning in Life. We hope this will let students implement it & improve their Life thus giving them another reason to remember what they read.
Read articles & watch videos related to Engineering Drawing or Engg Graphics.
Read articles related to Engineering Mechanics with a unique perspective of applying its concepts in LIFE.

We are also writing philosophical articles with guidance from scientists, writers & educators, about trying to understand & organise the true meaning of Education. We are also working on involving students in this grand plan of ours in such a way that their studies are enhanced but not affected.
Read articles related to our self-development programs – CADiMate + 4&by.

Join us on this fantastic journey, where we are writing daily articles with different perspectives, Organising the subjects & concepts in the form of a tree of knowledge & using technology to give life to EDUCATION.

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