Hold on to hope. We must hold on to it till our last breath! Hope brings a sparkle to our eyes. Hope brings joy to our lives.

Not doing well? Cannot see any possibilities working out? Still. Hang on you must, with all your might. Hope must be the last support to be left.

Persistence in holding on to hope will always get us chances. Somewhere it will work out. Where there’s a will there has to be a way.

Hope is having faith in oneself or almighty. He shows us the right way. He brings us closer to the solution. He answers our need for any peculiar situation.

Hope! Even if you have not done well. Hope for results that favour you. Hope! Even if you are on your deathbed.  Hope will give you a reason to cling on to life. Hope! Even if you are deserted with none within miles of radius. Hope will get you help. Hope! When you are left without your love. Hope will get you together again.

True betrayal is when hope is abandoned. Giving up on hope is giving up on oneself. Giving up hope is giving up faith in oneself. Remember, not giving up on yourself is the biggest hope that will carry you towards your goal. Hope alone can help us cross the journey of Life. Abandon hope not even for a moment.

Sometimes it may work. Sometimes it may not. Have hope. Hope is the ray of light which will illuminate your path to success!

Writer: NINA
Editor: Srikanth


Nina mam is the source for these inspirational talks. On my request, she agreed to contribute to our blog.

My contribution is editing to give finishing touches & add some of my own lines if needed.

Below is how Nina mam describes herself. In her own words:

“I am a proud homemaker, a tarot reader, a singer, an organiser in a musical group & writing is my passion.”

You may find more of her previous talks on her Facebook page:


Listen to her sweet voice here:


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