Solutions to Engineering Drawing | JNTU Question Paper | May/June 2017 | Code:132AE | CSE, IT


University: JNTU

Month of Exam: May 2017

Subject: Engineering Drawing

Below are the solutions done in AutoCAD.

Found a lot of mistakes in this paper. At places there was missing or insufficient data.

More disturbing was the fact that the diagrams are so big that it’s difficult to fit in the single sheet given.

We are planning to release the solutions on real size drawing sheet to bring the Problem to the notice of JNTU. If you want to support us, plz sponsor us financially for the printing charges.

Follow our channel & stay tuned for more…

These materials are copyright of CADiMate + 4&by & any part of these are not to be used for commercial purpose without written permission from the incharge of the programs.

Use these solutions for getting to know your mistakes. Feel free to share the weblink with your friends & juniors.

Follow this site to stay updated about our future solutions.

To watch all articles on Engineering Drawing, visit:


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