FreeWill, the Great.

I realise I have been Forcing people to do what's right. Most of the times they listen silently & don't respond. Some reacted with revolt. Doing right is important. That's what I learnt while controlling my inner bad. But I didn't realise till now that the same bad was manifesting in dominating. I will take … Continue reading FreeWill, the Great.



I love you. These words make you happy. When someone shows you through their actions it makes you even more happier ! Some people are very good communicators. They make you feel good by talking with you. They appreciate​ you. They bring out lots of positivity in you. They boost you. And then there are … Continue reading Love the SILENT GIVERS

Sorry… Bole tho

Most of the times we never own up our mistakes. Our errors. Our bad behaviour. It hurts our ego to see ourselves going down to someone. To say sorry.  Specially when you are young. Because being young means you're a little immature. It means sometimes you're stubborn to let go ! Usually we expect the … Continue reading Sorry… Bole tho