Be BeautiFull

Beautiful has its own unique perception for each & everyone of us! 

For me, beauty is the sun, the way it emits light and energy. The moon, the way it shines to fight darkness of night. The flowers, for the various colours & fragrances. The nature for its scenic beauty. The rivers, for stupendously  flowing. The rainbow, for its colours. 

The most beautiful however, is the child. The creation of god through human. The growth in the womb of a mother. It’s almost like a miracle. The invisible process of the most innocent,adorable, loving and beautiful creation of god. It comes into this world with a cry, but brings immense joy & pleasure to all those around!

The innocence, the smile, the blinking of eyes, the movement of hands and legs, the little frown on the head of a great future thinker. The crawling, the tiny steps, the sweet stammering. Everything is just beautiful. Beautiful is also the human he grows up to be. A compassionate, loving, caring, focussed bring. He makes his surroundings & little world around him to be the most pleasant and positive with his uniqueness!

That’s how we came into this world. We must continue our journey by making people who cross our path beautiful. That should have highest priority on our mind. 

The way we feel, the way we express, the way we care should be so beautiful that it touches the chords of each person’s heart. It will shower you with unstoppable blessings. Beautiful words will be uttered for you. 

Be the person who is not only remembered for a beautiful face but also for the unforgettable loving moments you give everyone in their lives!

That really, in true sense is BEAUTIFUL!



These inspirational talks belong to Nina mam. My contribution is editing to remove mistakes & add some of my own lines if needed.

Below is how Nina mam describes herself. In her own words:

“I am a proud homemaker, a tarot reader, a singer, an organiser in a musical group & writing is my passion.”
You may find more of her previous talks on her Facebook page:
Or listen to her sweet voice here:


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