Manik Nagar the origin place of Sakalamata, visited with my wife & kid

Manik Prabhu Temple Maniknagar, Bidar, Karnataka 585353 094481 28389


Be BeautiFull

Beautiful has its own unique perception for each & everyone of us!  For me, beauty is the sun, the way it emits light and energy. The moon, the way it shines to fight darkness of night. The flowers, for the various colours & fragrances. The nature for its scenic beauty. The rivers, for stupendously  flowing. … Continue reading Be BeautiFull

Click to SUCCESS

Whenever you take a photograph it captures whatever you have selected to click. It gives the exact mirror image of what you had focused on.  Yes! Sometimes we complain about the colour, the clarity, the angle. The cameraman could edit it to give you a better picture. If not, he could take a new picture. … Continue reading Click to SUCCESS