Aim for the moon

Always try to rise above what you expect from yourself. What others expect from you. Never ever feel satisfied.

Don’t set a limited target for achievements. The day you feel you are the best, that’s when your downslide starts. There will always be someone who is better version than the best that you choose to think.

Never stop learning. Even if you are at the pinnacle of given subject, job or business. Do not let anyone’s negative opinions make you fall or let it hover over your mind to gather their negative vibes.

Work hard. Give your hundred percent. Maybe it will not give you immediate results. But the long way will earn you a more stable success and recognition.

A consistent effort always pays off. Sooner or later. Rise to work. Be patient. Be positive and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your  hard work!

Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll fall among the stars.



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