Be better than gossip, by Nina

Sometimes you hear someone telling you what they have heard from somebody else. Something about your character. Something bad about you. 

It hits your soul very badly when someone is spreading such false talks just to be in good books of others. Wanting to take advantage of a person or situation for their own self.

It can be one of the lowest karma one can collect to lose one’s blessings. Specially if it’s related to the feminine.

It’s so very easy to say things and get away without thinking of the misery it can create for an individual’s soul. Or affect his/her confidence or behaviour. 

Some consider it funny to take a direct hit on someone’s​ dignity and integrity. It can damage the person’s inner soul. Before you speak think. Before you play with someone’s​ life, think hard. Before you put down others, think how low you can go to achieve your self interest!

Remember, your impression also takes a downward road when you choose to malign the good people. Truth always surfaces. Sooner or later.

It destroys the trust someone has kept on you. You will lose respect. For a lifetime. Be careful of what you speak. Don’t spread malice about others. 

Never play with someone’s​ dignity and integrity! Remember, you can be much better by making right choices for yourself.



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