The Temple Within

Have you ever wondered why people go to temple ?

To ask for something, to plea, to request, to pay respects, to talk. Yes! Different people go for different reasons. They have different way of communicating with god.

When a child wants something or tries to tell something to his parents, all children have different way of communication with their parents. All parents love their child for whatever and however he is. 

Are we not all children of god? Does he not love us in spite of us remembering him or not? Is his love not as unconditional as our parents? Does he not care for us whether we ask for it or not? Whether we care to do what he wants us to do? 

Does he not forgive us umpteen times? For all our mistakes. Whether we forgive someone or not? He never makes a deal with us. He always does what he has to do. Providing us all the resources, power and strength to think and work. Use our mental and physical capacities to earn and make our life easy and joyful. 

When he has already provided us with everything, why do we ask him, bribe him, make a deal? Your relationship with your god and parents is not a business deal. It’s a relationship of unconditional love. 

They just want you to sit with them for few minutes or an hour. To talk to them with love. Remember them with care. Hold them tight. Ask for their guidance. Trust and have faith in them wherever you are. 

Good will never let you down whether you go to temple or not. Once you have  bonded and connected to him it’ll be like your mobile. Your prayers will be heard from any part of the world. 

Believe me. You will not need to go to temple anymore as you’ll discover it right within you. Your body, your soul and that network of connection. Free of charge with unlimited talktime !



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