Lonely? Time to be awesome…

Why a person gets so much depressed or why does he lose the purpose of living ?

When an individual has lived his whole life looking & caring after his own family. When the amount of time, the sacrifices he has made for his family. When the interests or the hobbies he has not been able to pursue takes a toll to his mental & physical being. When he realises that with time, the people for whom he had given his time, sacrificed his own goals and interests are slowly going further away to build their own life. 

That is when he is left all alone with no one to share his emotions. They no longer have time to spend with him due to their busy schedules.

He starts feeling very lonely and depressed. This is a stage when one needs people around him. This is the time to pick up fallen reins of one’s own interest, hobbies and start living for oneself. This is how the world is. 

People near to you may be no more with you. Children may move out to some other destinations to follow their dreams. This is the time to do what you have not done so far !

It’s time to live for yourself. To create a new circle of friends with similar interests, hobbies. To follow a schedule. To travel and be happy in your own little world.

Never ever lose your interest in living your life to the fullest. Instead of adding down and giving up. Show those who left you, how awesome life would have been if they had been with you. 

Also don’t forget to bring a smile on those who have gone through fate similar to yours through your positive attitude! 

Then you’ll not need those who left. But they will get back to you instead.



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