Be RICH in helping…

When you employ someone for a job. When you assign someone with a task. You are exchanging financial energy with productive energy. Your desired work is done and the opposite person’s financial need is fulfilled!

So when you aim to progress and expand your work or business in a big way you are helping number of people towards gaining financial stability. You are helping them grow financially!

Sometimes people with strong financial base,employ people not because they need them. That want to indirectly help them. They want to secure payment every month & help them make their future stable. 

Yes! Why give away in charity & increase their dependence? Why not make them able & independent. 

You must have heard that saying of wise – 

“Give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish & you have fed him for his life.”

People should think of employment, which helps individuals get a secure future. Which leads to growth in productivity and in long run develop the society as well !

People with good financial backups have q lot of scope in this regard. They must think of improving employment and productivity. 

It may be a small unit of productivity related to any area! 

“Each small task done well makes a big difference.”



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