A matter of TRUST, by Nina

You can love, you can hate, you can show your compassion. But trust is the something you have to earn, by being honest, truthful, sincere, dedicated and supportive! 

When you work hard, fulfill your responsibilities,support and stand with people in their hour of need you earn trust. 

When someone confides in you, it is because they trust you, when someone gives you some responsibility or a task, it’s because they trust you. When your parents advice you, and you listen to them it’s because you trust them. When you pray to god, it’s because you trust that divine energy, when you leave your house to your staff, it’s because you trust them.

So when someone shows you that trust, never let them down. You very well know how it feels to be let down. when someone confides in you, don’t spread it to people to make it a topic for gossip. Keep their trust and their dignity intact. 

Trust your children so they are not afraid to share anything with you, show them and teach them not to break anyone’s trust. Tell them repeatedly that you trust them. Tell them to trust you. 

Ask them to confide whenever they feel like and listen to them lovingly. Give your best advice. Let them take the call. This way, they will learn to trust and not fear your parenting. Then they’ll not hesitate to share. 

Keep few people in your circle with whom you can just be you. Share everything with them. Be a person that everyone can look up to you and trust you !

It’s so well said that it can take years to earn a trust but just a second to break it. If you have any doubts in your relationships, workplace, or anything else, just have an honest conversation with person. Clear your doubts. 

Never listen to a third person. Don’t let an outsider poison your ears & break your trust on the person. It may do more harm than just hurt the person’s dignity. So communicate clearly. Believe and trust to keep your relationships smooth and healthy!


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