God = Good, by NINA

Since years people have been debating about god. About his existence or his presence. It will always be a subject for a debate!

There are three kinds of people, 

The first one are those, to whom god does not matter. They are not much interested. They live their life as they want to. Without bothering & having no fear of anyone. I believe they can be called as karma yogis. They believe in doing their best and leaving everything else to destiny.

The second ones are God fearing. They do almost everything out of fear. They think if they don’t pray, do good or give charity they will be punished. 

The third ones are the firm believers. They love god. Their every action is for the divine. They firmly believe that the divine energy works for the people with good intentions.

They believe that we all are capable of connecting & having a conversation with the divine. Through meditation. Through belief in positivity. They think positive, do positive & always remain positive!

I think each stage is important to reach the stage of unconditional belief in that divine energy. When you are on a Bhakti Marg you will experience the presence of that divine energy. 

It will take you further on the journey of getting closer to that divine energy through meditation. Your belief will strengthen further. You’ll start believing that this world is just pure energy.

You attract what you think, what you give, what you do. Then you are at peace and gain power of acceptance of whatever is happening around you without getting disturbed.

By regular meditation, you’ll​ learn to tackle and adjust. You’ll get your answers to your questions. Slowly but steadily you start enjoying the journey of life with peace, happiness and eternal joy!


Readers Please Take NOTE:

These inspirational talks belong to Nina mam.

Below is how she describes herself. In her own words:

“I am a proud home maker, a tarotreader, a singer, an organiser in a musical group & writing is my passion.”

You may find more of her previous talks on her Facebook page:

You could also listen to her sweet voice:


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