Buckle up Modern Girls, by Nina

It’s very natural to expect the girls or women, to be soft, loving, caring. These are all the qualities that define feminity. But with all these qualities we need them to be equally strong, will powered, courageous and possess a well balanced thinking !

In times when freedom and independence is given so much emphasis, do we really understand the meaning of freedom and independence? There is a very thin line that separates them both.

Freedom is not being rude, talking badly, not respecting. Freedom is looking up to all women. Whether they are working or not. Freedom is about pushing women to come out of their fear of non acceptance. Freedom is about standing with them in times of need and appreciating the women in each other !

Independence is doing your work and standing up on your own, respecting your elders and teachers but creating your own identity and respect through your work and thoughts.

Independence cannot only be shown by wearing minimum clothes and bare body but can be shown by presenting yourself by beautifully dressing, maintaining your values and traditions in a more modern way by beautiful thoughts and work you do.

It’s not that you shouldn’t enjoy. Please do. But by being wise enough to know what your limits are. Use your wisdom to sail through your life. Balance all your acts with a strong character.

Some girls today think freedom means just living life, enjoying, partying and taking no responsibilities at home. It’s understandable if they are working. They might need to relieve stress or stay connected with their folk art work.

The younger generation of girls are drifting more towards western culture. Some are even getting into things like smoking, drinking, drugs. They are losing their direction of life.

They fail to understand life is not what is depicted in movies. Truth is stranger than fiction. They must face the realities of life. Ignorance can lead them to depression.

Wrong expectations don’t help to adjust to reality. These are the reasons why the divine relationships of lifetime in the past are ending up prematurely in divorces.


Independence and freedom are never shirking your own responsibilities and just have fun or do nothing in name of freedom. Unless you will never pick up your responsibilities and do something concrete for yourself, you will always have to remain dependent on others !

Don’t cater to false things and actions in name of independence and freedom,think wise, do what you can feel proud of and gain respect in your own eyes and in the eyes of the world .



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