Change – Bad 2 Good

It is said

“You give what you have.”

A lemon gives sour juice, a sugar – its sweetness. A bitter gourd tastes bitter & chillies are always hot! We humans have different qualities.

It’s also well said

“Change is the only constant in nature.”

Some fruits change their taste completely when they ripen.

– Srikanth Rangdal

We have power within us to mould our nature. To overcome our weaknesses, anger, jealousy & hatred. We can choose to become more humble, more generous and free of jealousy or hatred !

I have seen people who have moulded and overcome their weaknesses to changes into a completely new personality. Full of love, compassion, humbleness and generosity!

When you see a person saying bitter things. When you see someone always in an anger. Understand that the person has too much bitterness inside. It maybe due to their bitter experiences!

Usually people who are too much negative are either very unsatisfied with themselves or the people around them. They expect too much from others or themselves.

They either live in a world of dreams or are in circumstances where their basic expectations of a decent amenities are not fulfilled. Their nature may be because the lack of resources cannot fulfil their dreams !

Life could have served them with some bitter experiences. They might have a nature of never being satisfied. No matter how much they are full of good things in life.

They are always competing and comparing themselves constantly with other people around them. This makes them so negative !

They need to be around people who are very positive and with patience and compassion to understand them and change them !

Always understand a person’s capacity to love, hate, show compassion. This either comes from the way he has grown up or with type of people and their atmosphere.

Nurture them with love, generosity, care and sharing so that, they can overcome negativity & get courage to take the path to positivity.


Readers Please Take NOTE:

These inspirational talks belong to Nina mam.

Below is how she describes herself. In her own words:

“I am a proud home maker, a tarotreader, a singer, an organiser in a musical group & writing is my passion.”

You may find more of her previous talks on her Facebook page:

You could also listen to her sweet voice:


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