Life – Teacher

It's so very natural when children don't listen to their parents or teachers. They have to be scolded or smacked sometimes to make them realize their mistake or lack of focus. Life also teaches us the same way. When sometimes you get too busy. When you do not pay heed to problems of your near … Continue reading Life – Teacher


Change – Bad 2 Good

It is said "You give what you have." A lemon gives sour juice, a sugar - its sweetness. A bitter gourd tastes bitter & chillies are always hot! We humans have different qualities. It's also well said "Change is the only constant in nature." Some fruits change their taste completely when they ripen. - Srikanth … Continue reading Change – Bad 2 Good

The Complementary Opposites

You'll Never Be Brave, If You Don't Get Hurt... You'll Never Learn, If You Don't Make Mistake... You'll Never Be Successful, If You Don't Encounter Failure... Don't give any full stops to your life, as life is to keep walking. Maybe you have to cross through success, failure, love, hate, fear, courage. Just keep walking. … Continue reading The Complementary Opposites