Everyone has a PURPOSE.

​Nina mam is so spontaneous at giving out meaningful messages. There is a source of in unending wisdom in her words.

This one’s for the shy & study people. They are like an ice berg.

What you see is just 1/10 th part of it as the tip. What lies beneath the waves is much more then your imagination.

Never ever let anyone underestimate you, because you are soft, shy and have not got an opportunity to showcase your talent or abilities.

Very often people create an image of the person according to their nature and the soft and shy ones are taken as most granted.

God has given each and every one of us so much power within ourselves. If we decide with determination, we can do anything we want.

If you are soft & shy, you only need to be tapped & pushed a little. By those you trust & belief in you. Keep in mind that there are people who know how to see your inner shine. They can recognize the qualities of diamond inside you.

*Till you come across such a person just be with the flow of life. Doing what you do best. Leaving to the higher power the rest.*

Those people will definitely come and tap you and push you. They’ll believe in you & open up a new path for you. They might cut you, shape you and polish you  like diamonds.

Always be thankful to those who give such opportunities. They are like powerful lanterns who light your path to newer destinations​.

Take up the challenges, work silently and prove your worth. Always feel yourself worthwhile. Prove your caliber to the world. There’s no doubt you’ll be appreciated!

Don’t let anyone make you feel as if you are not capable of doing anything. Always, ALWAYS be ready to take up the challenge!



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