Ups & downs called LIFE

​Hi, my name’s Srikanth Rangdal & here is yet another super thought from Nina mam.

I have a problem with my thoughts. I believe in thinking beyond the established absolutes to find the Ultimate Truths of existence.

In doing that, most of the times I drift away in the relativity of the cosmos. Unable to hold my thoughts for longer than a moment. Nina mam’s thoughts provide me something to cling on to.

They give me a starting point for my thinking. A container to assemble my relative drifting thoughts into a temporary absoluteness.

I’d like to thanks her for letting me use her thoughts on my blog.

Have you noticed the mountains, the sunshine, the oceans, the colours, the humans?

All of them denote LIFE’s ups & downs.

If you have noticed mountains have their high & low heights,

the sun goes from bright to brighter to brightest,

the moon goes from no moon to full moon,

Oceans also have their high & low tides,

the colors have their own shades from lightest hue to the brightest.

Humans in the same sense, have their own cycles of aging.

What do you learn from this?

Each & everything has its own ups & down. This is LIFE. Full of ups & down, happiness & sadness, loss & profits, good times & bad times, winning & losing, day & night.

It’s a complete contradiction of you. What you expect & what you get, love & hate, perfection & imperfections, to the point that even your heartbeats rise & fall with excitement & relaxing.

LIFE is nothing but a story of success & failure in each of your endeavors. Give it a tough fight. Learn from each of your downfalls to discover newer heights of success.



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