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​The current article we started by Nina mam with a question & I added my version of solution & final touches to it.

Let us know in comments what you feel.

It was a few days back I read about this incident that a son killed his mother as she was pressuring him to study as exams were nearing.

I was wondering what’s going wrong. Why this generation is getting so violent & intolerant. I realized that in our haste of intense competition we forgot to see the 3 distinct sections of students.

  1. Those who are lucky enough to like studying with the current system.

  2. The creative type who are curious, sincere & hardworking but are not made for the education system.

  3. The creative revolutionaries who want to make their own way.

The number of 2nd & 3rd section of students is growing. Blame the rapid growth of technology or whatever reason. The truth is this number will keep growing & unless we put them to something productive they will loose the purpose of life.

It’s not that they are not intelligent many times they tend to be more intelligent. But because our system tries to trap them in its own rigid system, they feel suffocated.

We should have schools for teaching them with practical approaches to carpentry, photography, painting, calligraphy, music, dancing, singing. There are thousands of choices.

This will get them interested. They’ll even end up outshining all other sections. We must stop making them feel that they don’t belong in the education system. The school of failures by Sonam wang chu is a standing example of it.

For those who don’t know, Sonam Wangchuk is the real world scientist who inspired the character Phunsuk Wangdu of 3 idiots.

Not every animal can climb a tree. Same way every kid is unique. We must make an education system which enhances the skills that are already present in them. Not make them relearn a rigid way from scratch.

After all, the practical knowledge is more important than just the theories. Experience is more necessary than just listening. It gives an introspection of one’s own capacity & capabilities.

It allows you to know yourself, makes you more aware of your interests & how you follow your passion right from early childhood to make you a master in that particular field & earn your living & get recognized!

This would definitely lead the current generations to make better future for our country instead of getting pushed to extreme acts of violence in frustration.


Srikanth Rangdal


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