Life is a child. Love her!

Welcome back to another thought from Nina mam. She recently revealed something about herself in a recent chat we had on WhatsApp. She said:

“I am a proud home maker, a tarotreader, a singer, an organiser in a musical group and writing is my passion.”

Wwoow, I said, too much to have on a single plate. Isn’t it? I’m giving a link to her video. You’ll be mesmerised by her voice.

When you start loving or giving yourself unconditionally, one transformation is sure to take place. You will never have any regrets as when you love without measure. You automatically start accepting life as it comes. You won’t carry any expectations from life. How it treats you. You will just love life as it is.

Not bothered how it treats you. You will take life so lovingly like your child. How much ever it harasses you, throws tantrums or behaves little weird, you will know how to tackle it with your love, patience sometimes aggression and determination. You’ll know how to put it on the path you want her to go ahead.

Life is like a small child. The more you pamper it, the more it harasses you. The more it will test you, the more it will gauge you.

So Love what it serves you & start accepting it. Then, it will automatically give up testing you. It will know you have trained yourself well. That you’ve disciplined yourself not to fall into its tantrums. It’ll take her treatment well and understand your direction to walk along with you as lovingly as you treat her.

So never give up loving life. It has a very strange way of testing the good parent within you! Encourage that parent in you to take care of her as a child.

Always say to yourself

“Come what may I will never give up as a parent to mold my child i.e my life.”

“I’ll try my best to make it more meaningful, beautiful, joyful.”

“I’ll see it grow to greater heights in all spheres.”


Here’s the video with her voice:


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