Orthographic Projection of Solids – Pentagonal Prism in 4 Parts 

Watch videos to understand the projection of solids.


Watch the video below (Part 1) to understand

  1. The best method to draw a Pentagon
  2. The different parts of a Pentagonal Prism.
  3. The steps to draw a projected view (i.e. obtain front view if the top view is given & vice versa).

Watch the video below (Part 2) to understand the following points by way of solving two simple problems.

  1. How to note the given data & decode its meaning.
  2. How to prepare the diagram.
  3. How to draw projections & identify visible & hidden edges.

The video below (Part 3) takes a little more difficult problem & solves it to teach you.

  1. How to copy a diagram at a different inclination.
  2. How to obtain all vertex points by matching vertical projectors from current view & horizontal ones from the previous.

Finally, the video below (Part 4) explains 1 of the most difficult problems on projection of solids. A total of 3 sets of views are required to get final solution.

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