GenX deRash

GenX refers to current generation which is growing up amidst rapidly advancing technology. By deRash i mean reducing the rash or couldn't behaviour in the GenX. Can we channel that immense energy of GenX towards the right direction so that it ends up regaining India's lost glory instead of pushing it towards darker future? Read on to see the question raised by Nina mam which I refined with some of my own thoughts & final touch up.


The story of adding forces

Ancient Indians were pioneers in the art of representations. There's not a topic of thought which they hadn't pondered over. One of the most intriguing thing about all the works of ancient Indians is Yoga. Many people translate it as synchronisation & mostly relate it to bringing mind & body together. But i believe yoga was much much more than that. For me Yoga will always mean *convergence*. I believe every story they ever said has multiple meanings which try to capture the similarity & repetitive nature of the existences. In this story i follow a similar approach to explain the *ADDITION OF VECTORS* taking *FORCE* as example.

Ups & downs called LIFE

​Hi, my name's Srikanth Rangdal & here is yet another super thought from Nina mam. I have a problem with my thoughts. I believe in thinking beyond the established absolutes to find the Ultimate Truths of existence. In doing that, most of the times I drift away in the relativity of the cosmos. Unable to … Continue reading Ups & downs called LIFE

Life is a child. Love her!

Welcome back to another thought from Nina mam. She recently revealed something about herself in a recent chat we had on WhatsApp. She said: "I am a proud home maker, a tarotreader, a singer, an organiser in a musical group and writing is my passion." Wwoow, I said, too much to have on a single … Continue reading Life is a child. Love her!

Mass vs Weight

What's the difference between mass & weight? The first time I had heard of this question was in a Doordarshan serial Brahmand - universe. Universe being my super favorite topic. I still remember it like yesterday. Aakash Bahut uncha hai aur door bahut hain taare, tairte hue sainkdo sooraj, brahmand ke ye banjaare. The sky … Continue reading Mass vs Weight

Are you soft?

Starting today I will be sharing refined WhatsApp messages of a great inspiring personality. All that i know is that her name is Nina.  I am fortunate that my schoolmate Saikumar who's running a WhatsApp group "I am potential"invited me to it. The I saw nina mam putting up at least 1 truely insuring post … Continue reading Are you soft?

Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta & Sanskrit

Why read BHAGWATH GEETHA even if you don't understand a single word of it? I had heard this story as a child. Back then i was given an incomplete answer. My quest for the ULTIMATE TRUTHS gave me an answer which i feel is complete. Read to find out...

बलवान समय तू कर इतना

The feelings of an adult who misses his childhood . . . Wrote it while I was moving to college in the bus. Where did we reach in our search for happiness?

Orthographic Projection of Solids – Pentagonal Prism in 4 Parts 

Watch videos to understand the projection of solids. Introduction Watch the video below (Part 1) to understand The best method to draw a Pentagon The different parts of a Pentagonal Prism. The steps to draw a projected view (i.e. obtain front view if the top view is given & vice versa). Watch the video below (Part … Continue reading Orthographic Projection of Solids – Pentagonal Prism in 4 Parts