Hogalla hogalla

Another great morning starts…

I hurry up, gather my bag, lunch box & other stuff. I am generally not like this. I had spent some extra time explaining my student the importance of CADiMate + 4&by. I taught him how to spread the word among his friends.

I run for the road & take an auto. A couple of school students waiting on the way. A girl wearing school dress with tie & shoes is crying. “Hogalla hogalla”. The language is kannada, & it means “I won’t go, I won’t go”.

The mother pushes her into the auto & joins her. The girl keeps crying “Hogalla!” till her school. Mother tries to control her in vein, “There are exams.” She manages an apologetic smile.

The school arrives & the girl starts getting violent. The mother explains while paying “She doesn’t cry often. There are guests at home & she wants to play with them”

The girl scratches & cuts her mother. I watch as she’s dragged into the gates. The gatekeeper takes charge & instructs the mother to leave. There are tears in her eyes too.

That raises questions in me.

Have the schools turned into villains? Are they taking away those core moments from children? Moments that can drive natural thoughts & inspire them to be truly creative thinkers?

They are definitely taking the control out of the hands of people who love the child. But are they good enough to provide the children with the same care?

They’ll run blindly behind increasing marks & ranking. Will these memories help them attain satisfaction? The satisfaction they’d get by learning with & from their loved ones?

Some might argue – How can an illiterate parent teach her child?

My friends, education is much more than being able to read & write. It’s about understanding those words & implementing its meaning into our lives.

Think again about the Knowledge Schools offer. The British raj. Colonisation, world wars.

What do children learn about Indian culture? Blind beliefs, poverty or to the best the message of bhaichara & shanti.

Almost everything given importance in their study is the result of the west. How can the children respect their parents?

Add to that the advertisements of the western products. Boosting of so many vitamins & nutrients. Are they better than what’s directly available from nature’s fruits?

Oh, I am sorry. I forgot what you think. We are civilised now.

Our civilisation started when Vasco Da Gama stepped here. When his teeny tiny ship was escorted to India surrounded by 10 times larger Indian ships. When the western sailors who were horrified of entering deep oceans felt peace on the navigation skills of an Indian merchant Kanha.

Our civilisation progressed when the British looted us with their devilish treaties. Our civilisation flourished when the British build railway lines to extract Indian material wealth.

Our civilisation took a great turn when the west destroyed our spiritual heritage, our education system. When they replaced our gurukuls with their degree system. A system which continues to infect our future generation with corrupt practices & inferiority complex.

Our civilisation is bound to be greater in future. We’ll be the world power. In every field set by the west. Yes the west, the west & the west.

What about the East? What about that true ‘us’? The ‘us’ that inspired vasco da gama to take the biggest ship of his country & make sailors move to the ends of the world against their scary beliefs to reach India?

What about the ‘us’, who invented zero? The ‘us’ who had assimilated wealth which the western ships needed 1000s of trips to loot? What about the ‘us’ whose library was so vast that its books kept burning for years at Nalanda university?

Will we ever be any nearer to that ‘us’?

A being must always return to its home at dawn. No matter how far he/she goes in his quest.

CADiMate + 4&by is on a look out for that dawn.


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