Workshop Day 0 – Introduction

Sooner or later when students go for a job they’ll have to start working for a company.  Companies nowadays run on brand recognition.

Our education system checks their knowledge through exams, but it doesn’t train them in how to use it correctly.

When they start giving interviews companies want experience.

To get the experience they have to start working somewhere.

It’s like the perpetual question –

What came 1st?

The bird?


The EGG?

To get the experience students must start working. Where’s the question of work when companies don’t even give jobs telling that the students lack experience?

This is what prompted us to start designing an organization that gives jobs to inexperienced students. Trains them in using latest tech gadgets. That too by actually helping them prepare for the exams of universities.

We gave this organization the name of CADiMate + 4&by.

CADiMate = CAD (Computer Aided Designing) + aniMate (Giving life)

4&by = for the students & by the students.

combo 6 finalll


We plan to hit 2 fruits with a single stone.

CADiMate + 4&by will be advertised as a non-profitable organization which provides students with interesting & interactive study materials using the latest tech gadgets.

Of course, these study materials will again be developed by the students working as a team. Over time they not only end up gaining knowledge but gain experience of working together as a team.

Let me explain why our programs are the best solution to UNEMPLOYABILITY issues.

All of us have felt this in our lives –

Going out & doing something new takes courage.

It’s easy to lock oneself in a room & dip head into a book.

An ostrich puts its head into a pit the moment it senses danger. But does it help? Compared to its small head, the huge body remains in full view for the danger.

A few of us were lucky to have people who supported us in the starting few failures. Those few of us are confident at doing stuff. What about the rest?

CADiMate + 4&by will encourage each student to set out on a journey to do something together. 1st to make notes & other accessories for study purpose.

The small failures they face will give them the experience of tackling situations. So the next time there’s a problem, they know what to do.

There’s a lot in planning.

We are researching what are the qualities required by a good engineer. Then we need to organize them into the 4 categories:

  1. Communication
  2. Knowledge
  3. Understanding
  4. Application

Next, we want to use the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) steps to design a process of inculcating these qualities in our students. PLM steps are:

  1. Plan
  2. Design
  3. Produce
  4. Market

Of course, there are a lot more of detailed steps. We want to take those as sub-steps of these 4 we feel most important. Their essence, after all, can be captured in the ॐ.

Read my version of the story to understand what is.

For developing these qualities preparation of study materials will always be the base.

We will market the end product of CADiMate + 4&by to raise funds. These will again be invested for development activities of the programs.

Whatever skills, classes, resources, counseling & funds are required by the students. We will provide them with it.

They just have to do 1 thing for us.



Using latest gadgets

Take whatever has been prepared before & improve if in the form of next version which is better than the previous one.

Some might say it will become saturated after some time.

We believe humans are capable of infinite ways of discovering or inventing the same stuff from scratch.

After every failure is a stepping stone for success.

Edison had said after successfully inventing bulbs after 1000s of failures –

I just discovered a 1000 ways that don’t work.

Zero or darkness is just an illusion. It is merely the absence of something important.

CADiMate + 4&by is about creating an abundance of the existence to such an extent that the worries of nonexistence don’t even touch us.

Come, let’s take our step towards transforming the future of our country. Because, as someone said:

Students might be just 30% of our population,

but they are 100% of our FUTURE.


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