3D Models – Machine Drawing Assemblies

I found some faculty members from different colleges contacting me regarding banners of 3D models for Production Drawing & Machine Drawing. So here we go . . .

AutoCAD models (created with measurements from Machine Drawing book by K L Narayana) are available with me. These can be used to print banners for PRODUCTION DRAWING, MACHINE DRAWING & ENGINEERING DRAWING / GRAPHICS.


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All these models are created using AutoCAD on a desktop/laptop. And are available for sale on demand.

These watermarked images are available for free to be used without tampering with them or removing contact information.

All the funds generated through this sale will be used to drive the programs CADiMate + 4&by. Following options are available for purchase without watermark.

Higher Resolution Image


Image with Smoother meshed Solid


Image with metallic texture & shine (Photorealistic Image)


The complete 3D model package in .dwg files that can be interactively used in the class demonstration.

All the assemblies in JNTU Syllabus are available. Any additional assembly 3D Model will also be created upon request.

Srikanth Rangdal

For more such works under planning visit my blog & YouTube channel given below:

List of Samples


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