Rest in Me

Time & again I have lost friends. They left all of a sudden. Silently. Without a word.

Just a few moments after interacting with us. Alive. Full of energy. And then – gone.

How is that possible?

This has always been the 1st thought.

How can they go? No, they haven’t left me. I am a spiritually oriented man. I believe a person is actually a set of his thoughts & his quests.

As far as these thoughts & quests are kept alive. They continue to live within me.

My friends, don’t misunderstand my not attending a funeral or not contributing to a materialistic gift of remembering the departed. I feel that by doing these things, i am accepting that they are gone.

I don’t want them to leave. I want them to live inside of me. In the form of their thoughts & their quests.

I’ll try my best to keep their quests on. I may not do anything for the relatives of the departed but I’ll strive to give the universe what the departed always gave.

In whatever little ways I can. I will always do it. That is my way of respecting their memory. For the Atma never dies.

It lives on. Within us. In bits & parts. So that all of it has a chance of getting together once again.

Rest in Me – Sangmesh Chidri, my class mate

Rest in Me – Niranjan Lakolekar, my room mate

Rest in Me – Vijay Kumar sir, Director, NCET

Rest in Me – Purshottam sir, my college mate


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