Donkey rules?

Here’s a small story I want you to read . . .

Once upon a time it so happened that Lion, the king of jungle became sick due to mistakes of a donkey.

All the animals gathered around their King. He raised a finger towards donkey but fainted due to sickness.

The donkey with the fear of getting caught hid behind the dog. He was hoping that the dog would be held responsible for Lion’s sickness.

But the animals concluded that Lion wanted the Dog to take the throne. They all knew the Dog was a good friend & confidant of the Lion King.

Seeing this the donkey stepped forward. He claimed the throne telling the Lion had actually pointed at him.

The animals decided to settle the matter with a race. The Dog was fast & donkey was no match for his speed.

The race started . . .

Wherever the dog went, his dog friends followed barking, howling & demanding a party for the success that was about to be his.

The target was just a couple of streets away.

When the Dog reached, he was sad
.  .  .
.  .

to see the donkey sitting on the throne.

His best friends had slowed him down. In his eyes were tears.

The Lion regained his consciousness & health in a few days. He banished the donkey from the jungle.

He called for a gathering of all animals & lectured them on their foolishness.

He remembered the countless times the Dog had proved his faithfulness. The king’s friend had just one regret:

“If only my friends had supported me or at least left me alone when I most needed it, the jungle wouldn’t have been ruled by a donkey.”


There are many times in our lives 
when our near & dear ones set out 
to make a difference. 
And we instead of supporting them, 
make fun of them.

Not supporting the right person 
leaves the power in the hands of 
undeserving people. 
And we end up suffering, 
complaining & getting frustrated.

Let's pledge to support 
the right person when we see them.

The same goes with messages we share. 
Stop spreading spam & negative messages. 
Support the truthful & positive messages.

At least add a positive thought 
to whatever message you forward.
Be Creative! Be Original!

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Read the story series - Vidyaan.
Its an effort from us 
to assert the importance of 
Gyan or Understanding
in the current education system
which just cares about 
Vidya or Knowledge...



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