Vidyaan 2.1 – Pragati: The saviour boy

Fast forward:
Vidya was a brilliant student in her school days. Failure in an engineering subject has stopped her scholarship. Depressed, she had decided to commit suicide by jumping off the terrace. Gyan her senior tried to stop her . . .


Note: This is a story series composed to portray need of Gyan (Experience) with Vidya (Knowledge) in the education system.

You’ll like it. I am sure…

Vidyaan – 2.1
Pragati: The boy who saves

Time: About 4 hours after the previous episode ends…

Vidya feels her head buzzing with a thousand bees. She is lying on the floor. There’s a wet cloth on her forehead.

‘Where am I?’, she looks around. She is in the small room on the terrace that is meant to stop rain & sunlight from flowing into the building.

She starts recollecting what happened. Her Suicide attempt, the flashbacks, the severe pain in her head & finally someone pulling her back.


She tries to move but can’t. A belt is clipped to her waist with a lock. The other end is clipped with a nearby pole with another small lock. Someone didn’t want her repeat the stupidity.

‘Why would he care?’

She tries all her might to pull. But it doesn’t help. She looks around for something to break the belt but finds there’s nothing useful for the job.

She’s about to shout when she hears some footsteps moving upstairs.

“Hope I didn’t get late.”, Says Gyan keeping a bottle of water within her reach, “you had spent just as much time the last time you fainted.”

The vision from her first year flashes again in front of her eyes. Maya has told her how long it had taken for her to regain consciousness.

“I haven’t mixed anything in that water.”, says Gyan, seeing Vidya’s hesitation to quench her thirst.

Vidya picks up the bottle & starts drinking water in sips. Her dry throat welcomes the touch of the cool water.

“What were you thinking?”  Says Gyan. Vidya feels like a lamb in front of a dinosaur.

“Why do you care?” She says without realizing it.

Gyan looks away unable to look into her eyes. “You know why I hate muggers?” he asks at length.

“How would I?” she replies.

Gyan sighs, turning his back on her. He seems to be recollecting some thoughts. There is silence for a few moments.

“You remember the day you became STUDENT OF THE YEAR?” Gyan says stressing on the last 4 words.

The announcement, cheering & happiness flows through her again for a moment. She’s unable to make a connection “What about that?”

“I was standing just beside you on the 2nd position.” He says turning towards her.

She remembers faintly. A tall boy standing beside her that day. His face covered by the number of trophies he held along with a stack of certificates in his hands.

“That a boy has beat people from 4 neighboring villages in more than 16 different competitions didn’t matter to them.” Gyan continued.

She had never pondered over that thought ever. All that mattered to her was that she was the student of the year.

“All that mattered to them was a student who had mugged up stacks of books. It didn’t matter if someone was creating his own stories & poems or debating the problems faced by people.”

Vidya felt selfish & really bad. She had always thought she was better. Now she felt sinking into the ground under the weight of Gyan’s achievements.

“They said they needed a face that kids in all those villages looked forward to. A face that’d copy as it is. To them I was a fool who dreamed of making everyone unique & self-reliant.”

Vidya was terrified. She imagined how parents would lock their children in rooms. Everyone would want their child to break record of Vidya – the student of the year.

“I had plans to use that scholarship for awareness programs. To encourage everyone to find their strengths. I believed that experience can beat knowledge any day. You proved me wrong.”

Vidya looks up. In Gyan’s eyes are tears. She feels small in front of him. She knows the pain of a broken dream. ‘How did Gyan cope with it?’

“Why did you save me?” She questions.

“I don’t know? May be something i learnt recently.”

“Suicide is the most cowardly act?” she recits a line from the counseling seminar she attended few hours back.

“No, I learned something better. We can achieve anything with the strong will.” He says.

Vidya feels all her sadness leave her for a moment. A faint smile covers her face. “That . . .” she begins.

“. . . is your line. I know.” finishes Gyan. “Don’t stop believing in it just because a stupid proved you wrong.”

Vidya breaks into a laugh that resounds in the empty room. On the same terrace of the college building, where she had 1st cried.

☘✍🏻  To be continued . . .  ✍🏻☘

Did you think Gyan was a villain?
What happened to Gyan’s dream?
Whose pain is greater? Vidya’s or Gyan’s?
What will they do next?


Vidyaan is an effort from 
CADiMate + 4&by 
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These programs started to 
spread awareness about the 
change our education system needs. 
We have planned 4×4 parts 
of which this is the 3rd.


We strongly believe that the 
true change happens at the 
lowest level of the hierarchy. 
Contact if you wish to publish 
these stories 
develop them into 
a short film. 
You can also help us by 
donating your quality 
time or money.

Our only aim is that 
more people from the 
teaching community come together 
to work out a positive change.

Special Credit: 
Special thanks to Radhika – 
student, 2-2 Mechanical Dept, 
Nishitha College of Engineering 
for the photo.

4 thoughts on “Vidyaan 2.1 – Pragati: The saviour boy

  1. You are back with a bang! Ready it late. But I see you have not released the next episode for such a long time. What happened? Are there no more episodes? You had promised 16 of them in all naa…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well scripted….
    Now it looks like Gyan wanted Vidya to know that bookish knowledge is not enough…
    Gyan is not a villain😊


    1. It started out as posts on WhatsApp Yash. There were multiple times it was edited & characters for added as the plan expanded.

      Feel satisfied that now it’s finally at one place in a presentable format.


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