Vidyaan 1.3 – Aadi: Her Reason


Fast forward:
Vidya, a brilliant student from her school. She got medals for top marks in English, science & maths. At the beginning of her second year in engineering, she’s standing at the edge of her college building. She’s just sad in spite of her phobia for heights…

Note: Vidyaan is a story series composed to portray need of Gyan (experience) with Vidya (knowledge) in the education system.

You’ll like it. I am sure…

Vidyaan – 1.3
Aadi: Her Reason

She stumbles as her consciousness returns to the present time. Her toe pushes a brick lying there. It falls down the edge splitting into 2 by hitting ledges on its way down.

When the brick reaches the ground, only scattered dust is left where it hit.

“Hey! Be careful!” the voice calls her from behind again.

“Get away from me.” shouts Vidya, “Leave me alone.”

“Don’t look down. Stand still, I am coming to get you.” she hears.

She is not in a position to think straight. She looks at herself. The wind is blowing strongly on her face. ‘How did I end up here?’

Another set of flashback:

Time: Yesterday

Vidya is talking on the phone. “Yes, papa, why just get the scholarship. I’ll top the list. Don’t worry.”

“Vidya” her friend calls from a distance, “the results are out.”

“I’ll call you later papa.” she keeps the mobile in her bag & starts running.

She watches a student sitting on the lawn holding his head with both hands as if to stop it from falling. Then there’s another one sitting just like him & another…

“Let me see 1st.” the notice board seems deserted. Has she come late? Vidya doesn’t care. She knows she’d top anyway.

She looks at the merit list for the scholarship from the top.

“Maya, you topped,” she says turning to her friend.

“What!” Maya looks at the list with disbelief. “Oh my gosh, thanks so much Vidya. Without you, I couldn’t have done it.”

Maya hugs Vidya full of joy & runs away shouting. Vidya stares down the list sure to have her name within first 3.


As she moves down fear grabs her. 

Must be within first 7?


Her heart starts beating faster.

10 names?


Her heart beats are pounding into her brain. Clouding the surroundings from her.

There are no more names after 10 …

She scans the list multiple times as if that would change it. Or perhaps hoping to be awake from the nightmare.

NO NO NO . . .

She senses someone nearby. She doesn’t care.

“You must look in the list of failures” she turns to find Gyan. She turns away, frustration & helplessness clearly visible on her face.

“What’s your number?” Gyan asks. Vidya’s frustration turns to pure disgust as she stares at him.

“Your Hall Ticket number, you dumbo!” Gyan clears. Vidya doesn’t know what to say.

Gyan takes her book & looks into it. He feeds Vidya’s hall ticket number in his mobile, “You failed in Engineering Drawing.”

Vidya snatches the mobile from him in disbelief. Staring at it.

She checks the Website – it’s correct.

She checks the app – It’s chrome browser.

She freezes as the realization dawns on her – This not a prank.

She has failed.

Her concentration zooms in on the 6 letters of doom.

! failed !

! ! FAILED ! !

! ! ! F A I L E D ! ! !

“Wait! Are you giving up?” the same voice brings her back to present again.

Tears well up in her eyes.

“No no no no, don’t even think of it. Turn back slow & steady.”

She just stays in her place. Like a statue. As if nothing matters to her.

To jump or not to jump? That’s the question in her mind.

☘✍🏻  To be continued…  ✍🏻☘

Will she jump?
Should she?
Didn’t she study hard enough?
What went wrong?
Is there hope for her?

Stay connected to find out…


Vidyaan is an effort from 
CADiMate + 4&by 
join our whatsapp-150x150WhatsApp group
to know more about our programs: 

These programs started to 
spread awareness about the 
change our education system needs. 
We have planned 4×4 parts 
of which this is the 3rd.


We strongly believe that the 
true change happens at the 
lowest level of the hierarchy. 
Contact if you wish to publish 
these stories 
develop them into 
a short film. 
You can also help us by 
donating your quality 
time or money.

Our only aim is that 
more people from the 
teaching community come together 
to work out a positive change.

Special thanks to Radhika – 
student, 2-2 Mechanical Dept, 
Nishitha College of Engineering 
for the photo.



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      1. I contacted those people in phone but a lady said there conditions are not right there. Chairman has resigned & there’s none to guide the courses.

        I am looking for one that’s valid & working.


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