Vidyaan 1.4 – Aadi: Her Failure

Fast forward
Vidya is a brilliant student from her school. She got medals for top marks in English, science & maths. Failure in exam has put her into severe depression. Even her phobia for heights doesn’t matter. She stands on the edge of a building. Ready to jump…


Note: This is a story series composed to portray need of Gyan (experience) with Vidya (knowledge) in the education system.

You’ll like it. I am sure…

Aadi: 1.4 – Her Failure

“Wait! Are you giving up?” the same voice brings her back to present again.

Tears well up in her eyes.

“No, no, no, no! Don’t even think of it.” There’s alarm in the voice, “Turn back slow & steady”

She just stays in her place. Like a statue. As if nothing matters to her.

To jump or not to jump. That’s the question in her mind.

“Failure is a step to Success!” it was you who told me this. “Remember?”

She turns slowly to find it’s Gyan, her senior. She just stands staring without a word. Lost… exhausted…

“Now don’t just be a mugger, Show me by living your words. Experience it!”, Gyan challenges.

This triggers another set of visions.

Time: A few hours back…

“Life as a human is most rare, it’s most cowardly to commit suicide.”

A seminar is going on & everyone is maintaining a deathly silence.

Slowly the hearing & vision gets blurred for Vidya.


In between she can make out some words now & then.

. .

. . it’s the university’s fault . .

. . . govt can’t pay scholarship . . .

. . . . playing with students’ lives . . . .

. . . quality of engineering is going down . . .

. . but there’s hope . .

. .


She comes back to her senses only when everyone stands up to leave.

She’s blank except for the first sentence she remembers from the seminar.

She stands up slowly & turns to leave.

“Relax, experience has shown me that everything gets all right”, Gyan is standing in her way.

Vidya rubs away her tears & runs away towards the office.

“Sir, how could this be? I have the maximum overall percentage, how can you stop my scholarship?”

“Look, that’s the rule set by the government.No scholarship for failures of general category.” the clerk stands up.

“Now where’s the scholarship file of Chatur?” he shouts stepping inside. “It doesn’t matter he failed any subjects, he’s SC.”

“But I am not … ” there’s no-one to hear Vidya, “… a failure!”

She sobs with tears in eyes, repeating “I am not a failure”

She feels a hand on her shoulders. It’s Chatur grinning cheek to cheek. His beastly eyes seem to devour her up. Vidya moves back & starts adjusting her dupatta.

“Aoow, the mugger Vidya failed a subject. How sad,” he says.

“Vidya is a failure. Vidya is a failure . . .” he repeats in his unbearable voice.

The vision ends & on her lips are the words “I am Failure!”

She’s back to the present.

Her Life is replaying in front of her eyes. ‘Am I about to die?’

. . Suicide is cowardly. . .

. . . It’s University’s fault . . .

. . . . Don’t waste Human life . . . .

. . . You muggers are all the same . . .

. . Failure is a step to Success . .

. I am … a failure .

Her life is replaying before her eyes. Has her time ended?

She presses her hands on ears & temples. Her head starts aching. She can’t bear it any longer. She shouts with all her might.

Her shout echoes to far off places…

The screen goes blank.

A faint voice is heard.
We can do anything with strong will.

? The End ?

What should she do?
Who must be punished?
What would you do in her position?
Is there a solution to her problem?
Is it really THE END?

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Vidyaan is an effort from 
CADiMate + 4&by 
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These programs started to 
spread awareness about the 
change our education system needs. 
We have planned 4×4 parts 
of which this is the 3rd.


We strongly believe that the 
true change happens at the 
lowest level of the hierarchy. 
Contact if you wish to publish 
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You can also help us by 
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Our only aim is that 
more people from the 
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Special thanks to Radhika – 
student, 2-2 Mechanical Dept, 
Nishitha College of Engineering 
for the photo.



11 thoughts on “Vidyaan 1.4 – Aadi: Her Failure

  1. Like minded supporters need to come together for this cause @Rohan.

    It’s neither a single person stands a chance to gain from the mission nor is it possible for a single person to work on it successfully.

    There are so many people in the world just like me who are desperate for a change & struggling to plan how to achieve it.

    Plz share our posts. Let it be known throughout the world that we are inviting them with open arms.

    We need every helping hand that can support.

    Thanks against for taking time to read.


  2. Good story. I wish every one could know about present education in india and should make a change in every other person who are insulting students for there actions. I think one should come forward to give motivation. I see all students are blessed with good knowledge and abilities but going backwards due to lack of motivation.


    1. Dear Anil,

      Knowledge is meant to be memorised & recalled at right time.

      Our education system is designed to test that itself. If some schools or universities are unable to follow this that’s a different matter.

      The real problem is that the system hardly encourages the abilities to understand & apply this knowledge.

      Communication, Knowledge, Understanding & Application constitute the cycle of education.

      Our education system takes care of just written communication of knowledge. While others parts are mostly ignored.

      We are designing our programs CADiMate + 4&by to fulfill all these constituents.

      Follow the blog & stay connected to find more about us…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Indian education system was one of the best during ancient times. But now a days due to reservations and lack of proper gov attention and will, we are no where. And most depressing thing is that we don’t bother also. It’s good you started talking about this system.


    1. Yes Chetan,
      Indian was a golden goose that laid golden eggs for the British. They would have happily traded with us or even looted it’s wealth without affecting it’s golden status.

      But the fools just like in the story wanted everything for themselves instantaneously. So they replaced our Gurukuls & Vidyalayas with their schooling system.

      And that’s when our education system was interfered by their schooling. We aim to rediscover the ancient ideals & reinstate them with modern perspective.

      Help us in our campaign to create awareness about it. Share our stories & messages with your families, friends & their families.

      Thanks for taking time to read.

      Liked by 1 person

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