Vidyaan 1.2 – Aadi: Her Moment

Fast forward:
Vidya is a 2nd year BTech student with serious phobia for heights. She’s standing at the edge of the terrace. She a vision of a year back. She’s told by her senior to stand near the edge. She faints terrified by her phobia for heights. That’s when a voice calls her to the present…

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Note: This is a story series composed to portray need of Gyan (experience) with Vidya (knowledge) in the education system.

Vidyaan – 1.2
Aadi: Her Moment

Vidya is back to the present as her previous vision ends. She’s standing at the edge of the college building.

“Brave you are, indeed!” A voice catches her attention.

She continues to stay at the edge. She is not terrified of her phobia as usual. She is just sad. 

Her face is of a brave warrior who lost her most important battle, who doesn’t know what went wrong.

“How does that experience feel like?”, it’s the same voice again.


The word triggers another flashback vision:

Time: 3 years back

Loud Announcement “The award for top marks in English goes to Vidya.”

Vidya starts walking amidst applause & cheering by the huge gathering.

She has that strange feeling, again. She has had it before, many times. 

‘No no no . . . not now.’

She fixes her gaze on stage. This is her moment. 

A handsome man in 3 piece coat is on stage smiling. He lifts the yellow cup from the tray & looks towards Vidya.

There’s a lighting flash. Time seems to slow down for her. She sees a different image of the man in the brightness of the lightning. 

An image in which he is a sadhu with long beard & holding kamandal. Before she’s able to react the sound of thunder follows lighting.

She stumbles & falls at his legs.

‘Ayushyaman Bhava’. 

Did she hear it? The man stands transfixed as if in a trance. Or is he experiencing the same thing as her?

She shrugs of the feeling. These things can wait. Awarding ceremony can’t.

She takes her award & starts moving back. She wants to talk to the man. 

“Our second award is top marks in mathematics – Vidya” this is announced next.

The applause is stronger than 1st time. Vidya takes that prize too. The man is starting at her as if he knew her. She feels connected with him somehow.

“Our next award is for topping science. Any guesses? Yes – Vidya again.”

She looks at her father who has tears of happens in his eyes. He’s clapping with all his might as if competing with the crowd to be loudest.

The principal steps on to the stage. She takes the mic to speak.

“I have been heading this institute for 10 years. I feel proud to say that this is the first time a student has topped all 3 subjects.”

More applause, “The syllabus has changed considerably in these 10 years. In fact, the current generation studies thrice what we did in our time.”

Everyone is awed by the words.”But it’s much more amazing to see that the results have also jumped as much.”

“I congratulate Vidya on her achievement. Wish her all the best for her future endeavours.”

Then awards are distributed for sports, debate, prose, poetry…in a hush hush. Vidya feels she saw the old man turning around a corner. She hands over the yellow metallic cup to her father.

“Now is the time for the student of the year. That award goes to…”

The principle stops to give everyone a moment to wonder & then mentions, “Vidya”.

A three stepped bench with mark 3 for lowest, 2 & 1 for higher positions is set on stage.

Vidya steps up to no.1. The principal steps forward with the medal. “Congratulations, Vidya.” she says “You make us proud.”

“Thank you, mam”. She says as she feels the load of the medal on her chest. She’s lost in the wild applause of the public. 

She doesn’t care who’s standing beside her. This is her moment.

Vidya’s​ eyes are searching​ for the old man. But can’t find him anywhere. She feels he knows the reasons for those flashes she gets. 

Suddenly she feels there’s no ground beneath her toes.

She stumbles as her consciousness returns to the present time. 

Her toe pushes a brick lying at the edge. It falls down making contact with ledges on its way down. When it reaches the ground, only scattered dust is left where it hit.

“Hey careful!” the voice calls with greater concern as if realizing that Vidya is about to jump.

“Get away. Leave me alone.” Shouts Vidya. She is not at all in a position to think straight.

☘✍🏻  To be continued…  ✍🏻☘

Will she stand still till she is saved?
Why is she standing there?
Who is the person calling her?
What will happen next?

Stay connected to find out…

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Vidyaan 1.3 – Aadi: Her Reason

Vidyaan is an effort from 
CADiMate + 4&by 
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to know more about our programs: 

These programs started to 
spread awareness about the 
change our education system needs. 
We have planned 4×4 parts 
of which this is the 2nd.


We strongly believe that the 
true change happens at the 
lowest level of the hierarchy. 
Contact if you wish to publish 
these stories 
develop them into 
a short film. 
You can also help us by 
donating your quality 
time or money.

Our only aim is that 
more people from the 
teaching community come together 
to work out a positive change.

Special thanks to Radhika – 
student, 2-2 Mechanical Dept, 
Nishitha College of Engineering 
for the photo.

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