Vidyaan 1.1 – Aadi: The Girl on Edge


Note: Vidyaan is a story series composed to portray need of Gyan (experience) with Vidya (knowledge) in the education system.

Vidyaan – 1.1

Aadi: The Girl on Edge

The Wind is making a mess of Vidya’s hair. She’s on the terrace of her college building.

A vision takes her back in time. A flashback.

Time: 1 year before.

She is standing with her friends. There are 4 seniors before them. They are all on the terrace of the college building.

They seem in the middle of some conversation.

Vidya says, “We can do anything with strong will”

Seniors laugh out loud. It’s a menacing laugh mocking all the juniors.

“You seem brave.” One of the seniors says standing up.

He looks towards his friends & then back at Vidya.

“What do you plan to do with her, Gyan,” one of his friends asks sitting.

“Let me see!”, he says thinking with fingers on his chin.

The senior stands up making a move for Vidya.

“You wouldn’t want to do that, Chatur,” says Gyan.

“Aahaaahaan Gyan fell for a girl?”, says Chatur. “Now he wants to experience love?”

Some seniors laugh out loud. Others just stare.

“Shut up you fools”, shouts Gyan with rage. “You all know how much I hate muggers. You must also know, I hate wild salivating beasts even more.”

“That’s not what I meant.” he tries to explain.

“I know what you meant.”, Gyan snapped, “I know exactly what you meant.”

Both stare at each other for a while. Chatur doesn’t seem to be giving in.

“You have any idea how Guruji will take this.”, says Gyan at length.

“Why bring him into this?”, Chatur says terrified.

A giggle escapes Vidya. Chatur reminds Vidya of her cousin of 3 years who fears ghosts.

“Is that a joke to you?”, threatens Chatur moving towards her but decides to stop when Gyan gestures him to.

Once a strong opponent Chatur now acts like a pet puppy. Vidya gets a strong feeling whoever Guruji is, he must be a powerful person.

Gyan now turns to Vidya “Go! Stand near the edge”.

Vidya just stares with anger. She realises there’s no escape. Her anger slowly turns to fear.

“Oh! fiery little Vidya. Tchu tchu tchu tchu” mocks Chatur followed by laughter from his friends.

Tears well up in Vidya’s eyes

“You muggers are all the same,” says Gyan. “You think dipping your head into books will prepare you for life? EXPERIENCE… EXPERIENCE matters. Everything else is a waste in front of EXPERIENCE.”

“Do what you have been told”, Chatur starts moving again. Gyan gestures him to be patient. 

Vidya feels her heart beat rising. How long can he hold Chatur?

Vidya: “it’s too high”

Gyan: “So?”

Vidya: “I have a phobia for heights.”

Chatur bursts out laughing but gets silenced amidst stare from Gyan. 

Vidya can hear her heart beating into her ears. ‘It’s happening yet again’, she thinks.

“Strong will! Hah!”, says Gyan mockingly, “Show me your strong will now. GO STAND THERE.”

Vidya is numb. ‘Any time now.’

“Didn’t you hear what he told. You…” Chatur moves towards Vidya as if to push her.

Vidya feels a hot breeze on her face. She’s no longer in the college building. The sky seems to be burning & raining fire. 

“Not now! Not now!” she starts chanting as if to wake up from the dream. She’s terrified of being pushed to the edge. She wants to come out of this dream.

‘Stop it, Stop it.’

 . . .

“Mugger” the word escapes her mouth as the flashback vision ends.

She comes back to the present. Her 2nd year has just begun. She’s standing at the edge of the same terrace. 

Back then she had fainted of terror. Now, it doesn’t scare her. 

“Brave you are, indeed!” A voice catches her attention.

She continues to stay at the edge. Nothing matters for her. She looks like a warrior who lost her most important battle.

☘✍🏻  To be continued…  ✍🏻☘

What battle has she lost?
Are the seniors responsible?
Who is Guruji?
Is she testing her phobia or wants to jump?

Stay connected to find out …

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Vidyaan is an effort from CADiMate + 4&by (join our whatsapp-150x150WhatsApp group to know more about our programs:

These programs started to spread awareness about the change our education system needs. We have planned 4×4 parts of which this is the 1st.

We strongly believe the true change happens at the lowest level of the hierarchy. Contact if you wish to publish these stories or develop them into a short film. You can also help us by donating your quality time or money.

Our only aim is that more people from the teaching community come together to work out a positive change.

Credits: Special thanks to Radhika – student, 2-2 Mechanical Dept, Nishitha College of Engineering for the photo.



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