Vidyaan – Not just a story!

Vidyaan is more than just a story


Thanks for showing interest in the creation of the story.

This is story about how CADiMate + 4&by were born. It’s like an advertisement for our 2 programs.

But, the journey taken to create it is just as important as the end result of the story.

It is a chance for students to experience the development of a product complete from the origin of its idea to its end result as a blog post, book, comics or short film in front of the viewers.

It’s the story of how we can use the spirit of engineering in everything we do in our lives.

It’s an opportunity for the first timers to use & perfect their skills:

as a PHILOSOPHER . . .


as an EDITOR . . .

as a DIRECTOR . . .

as an ACTOR​ . . .

as a CAMERAMAN . . .

as a COMPOSER . . .


as a VIEWER . . .

Everyone working to improve their personalities & gear up to improve the future of education.

It is as much of an effort to conquer the advanced future tech as the dream to rediscover India in its true glory of ancient wisdom.

Come join us in our story, which is much much more than just a story.


We have planned a total of 4×4 parts each concentrated with emotions, drama & suspense following 4 characters.

Yes we are obsessed with the number 4. It’s our driving FOURCE after all.

More about FOURCE later . . .

Till then stay in touch. To subscribe & follow our blog, take following steps

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Srikanth Rangdal


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