Help | Read ME | Introduction – Everything you need to know about our Blog

Just a few months back we just had an idea. To improve Education using Technology. Now the vision has expanded & we are working to rediscover the true meaning of Education itself, from scratch, anew. We are now doing so many things at the same time. We are writing a story to show the problems … Continue reading Help | Read ME | Introduction – Everything you need to know about our Blog

Help. Dependence on our near & dear ones is the way towards True Independence.

Help! It's such a helpful word! We all need it. However perfect we might be.  We are humans. We are not designed to be perfect. We are social animals. Our strength & ability grows with numbers. But there are some people who want to defy this very nature. They want to prove to the world … Continue reading Help. Dependence on our near & dear ones is the way towards True Independence.

The seeds of HELP.

As humans we are social beings. We don't work solo. We like forming teams. We like sharing work & it's results. It's difficult to live without any expectation from others . Everyday we come across situations,moments where we need aid from someone else. Right from the time we get up in morning to the time … Continue reading The seeds of HELP.

CADiMate-Intro after transformation…

2nd Year BTech Mechanical Students. It's a memorable day. I had been telling them to do so much as a boss. I was containing them to my way of working thinking that's righteous. I was stressing on using technology the way i know it. It was rude at times. I was complicating the matters beyond … Continue reading CADiMate-Intro after transformation…

Detached attachment

It's easy to say. But so difficult to follow. It's good to spread love, take care of all, show compassion. When we do this by saying a few loving words, taking care, giving a hug, it increases our attachment with that person. Even if you detach yourself, what about the person to whom you are … Continue reading Detached attachment

Judge not the others.

Some things cannot be expressed in mere words. You'd have to feel them yourself to be able to understand them. The case of the FEMININE A young girl can understand motherhood only when she herself gives birth to a child. That's when she starts overflowing with love. She'll feel nostalgic about her own childhood.  She … Continue reading Judge not the others.

Fidget spinner 4 GYROSCOPIC EFFECT

Took a cue from Dr. Walter Lewin, the physics lecture @ MIT. We all say the quality of students is going down. But are not ready to do anything for it. Actually times & technologies around us have changed. With these, the expectations of the students also has risen. There's a need to make them … Continue reading Fidget spinner 4 GYROSCOPIC EFFECT

Rejoice in Imperfection…

Why do we always seek for perfection? Some people are really obsessed with perfection. Right from maintaining your house to anything they do. They always want to do everything perfectly. Agreed! To achieve perfection is very good. But  obsession with perfection is not as good. This will get us into a vicious circle of unhappiness. … Continue reading Rejoice in Imperfection…

Guest vs Negativity

What do you do when guests come to your place without informing you ? You try & make them comfortable. You serve them good food. You try to entertain them with your talks. Our you just engross with them in some healthy discussion till you bid them goodbye. That's exactly how you must deal with … Continue reading Guest vs Negativity

Shine inside. Don’t flaunt outside.

With time our lives have undergone so much change. Our thoughts, the technology we use, the rituals we follow, our lifestyle, needs & wants. It could all be attributed to competition, comparisons, pomp and show! The outer package has taken precedence over what's actually inside. We have stepped into the world of materialistic nature. The … Continue reading Shine inside. Don’t flaunt outside.

Guru – Let’s bow to them.

"गुरुर्ब्रम्हा गुरुर्विष्णू गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः* *गुरुःसाक्षात् परब्रम्ह तस्मैश्रीगुरवे नमः।।" Guroor brahma guroor vishnu Goroor devo maheshwarah Within guru is brahma, within guru is vishnu, guru is verily the deva with shiva residing within. Today on this auspicious day of guru purnima. Let's bow down to the creator of this life. He gave us the purpose to … Continue reading Guru – Let’s bow to them.